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I have HP Pavillion tx2000 which is a touch screen laptop. However, after I updated Windows yesterday, the touch sreen is not functioning and also with the webcam. I don't know what cause this because before this, I never face any problems when updating the Windows. It's make my life harder..huhuhu

Could someone help me to solve this problem... Any opinion??
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Hello pogi,
Try this 1
Select your "Operating System" from the drop-down menu in Step 2.
Good Luck

Thank you, jack4rall 6

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sometimes the PC will turn if off if not being used. To fix it go to "control panel" and open the "task bar & start menu" then "tool bars" and make sure the pen, touch and others that you like to use are checked.
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Same issue with me.


I noticed that my computer was having a lot of issues with the NVIDIA KERNEL DRIVER that was installed via windows update. I went into device manager, looked at ALL OF MY NVIDIA DRIVERS and rolled ALL OF THEM BACK. There were only two out of the five that were updated, so I rolled those back. VOILA, it worked after I restarted. And I have seen no NVidia issues. Maybe that will work for some of you.

More on the NVidia driver: NVidia compatible windows vista kernel mode driver, both versions (177.13, 156.82) for GeForce Go 6150
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Reading your problem with the update, if it is still not resolved then you should contact Microsoft by either phoning your local office/call center or reporting the problem over their website. One option to try your self is removing the update that caused that to happen, and if it is resolved and your touch screen works then re-install the updates but select the updates, don't install everything, this way you will reach a point where the update disables your touch screen, then remove it and in future updates don't select identical updates or updates of the same update.

Sometimes Microsoft releases software and hardware updates that matches your system and then they also release additional updates that then conflict with the important and required updates installed.

Also search your manufactures website and the model name, they should have solutions around this, you won't be the only owner of your laptop model with the same problem, there'll be many. Just try to solve the problem by using a program pre-installed on your laptop to search for any errors, but don't use internet software for that, if you have Vista then you should already have the software to do that.

But I'm not really sure what could be the problem other than conflicting software, as I said just contact Microsoft and report the problems and failures to them. They will ask for a couple of details and the updates installed and system information and they should immediately fix the problem through an update or they may just guide you through to fixing it

New Zealand RSA - EMC - Sep 9, 2009 at 04:58 PM
As he said above me, contact Microsoft and have them, resolve their problem, because it is their update/s that caused your laptop to malfunction. And just use his or her suggestions above

Can't agree more