How can i download adobe flash player for ps3

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Before being mislead on how to install "Adobe Flash Player" on your Sony PS3, you must first consider the processor specifications, and how that relates to Adobe.

The Sony CPU is a one 2-way SMT PowerPC core (PPE) , 64 bit . Now what does this mean to you ? Well it means that you can not, repeat can not correctly get adobe flashplayer to work on your PS3.

Adobe does not, repeat does not support nor make a flash player that will work on PowerPC core technology.

Yes adobe now has 64 bit flashplayer, and yes that will work on Linux, but what it will not do is work on Linux running on PPE technology. For example, let's say you install Linux on your personal dell computer which might be the AMD Phenom X4 that scenario you can get adobe 64 bit flash player to work.

Just thought I'd save everyone some serious time.
Thank you

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Thank you for your positive advice:-) I just bought a Sony PS3 and I was a bit surprised the that PS3 platform doesn't support Adobe Flash player 10.0. But it does show a GREAT picture when watching cartoons on Blu Ray from Disney. Again, Thanks good buddy:-)!!
thanks u just saved hours of time would have spent trying to find one that was compatible with the system

so will it upgrade or what?
Maybe I guess if a new update comes out for a PS3 channel (e.g. bbc 3)