I cant open my emails on msn on my ps3

bessey - Nov 29, 2009 at 09:11 PM
 Hujf - Jun 17, 2020 at 05:08 AM
Hello, i cant open my emails in msn on my ps3 and its doing my head in ive been sent numerous emailbut when I click on them it just wont open help

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there is an easy way round this go to address entry in your browser and enter www.mobile.live.com/hm this will give a lite version of hotmail but at least you can read ur email and send them {possibly only text not sure you can make attachments}
Works great and is very easy to do. Thanks so much.
I HAD SAME PROB MANAGED 2 BYPASS THIS......... if you use google and type in hotmail mobile it brings you to a more basic account but atleaast u can use it........... ps3 internet is f, long n playstation need 2srt it out lol! HOPE THIS SORTS YA OUT
HI There.... It will work just on 1 simple way.... 1st you have to sign in...then you go to inbox...then you switch to TODAY on the left side of the screen,3rd from below...then click on change preferences...then hit or click the option directly to inbox and save...then you should be automaticly in the preferences option menu.... there you click on change theme and then (because it wont give you pictures on ps3)click on finish,break off,or end....the next site it gives you you will have the option below to klick the first 3 emails to open....otherwise there is no opportunity to open emails from hotmail on ps3....i hope I helped all of you ps3 users with this ....
everything you suggested went fine till the part when we have to get out of themes by pressing on finish. on my ps3 screen all I saw was a search button, save, and cancel button. all unclickable... any ideas? Ps, for the record, my pc recently broke :<
right beside your name @ the top right corner there is the "wheel"or settings button go to display "at bottom of page" save then it will prompt you move the setting to automatically display first message then whatever message you click on will be displayed....
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Nov 30, 2009 at 02:35 AM
Dear Bessey,

This should actually be a loading problem where the action

isn't being able to be performed due to the fact the remote

server cannot be contacted. Please contact their Support team

and let them fix the matter.

Thanks in advance.