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My ps3 has no sound?


Hello, Since we moved to Malaysia, I've been having though time with my PS3, I have picture, but no sound. All cables are in tact. What should I d...

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Playstation 3 won't obtain the ip address


Hello, I just got my ps3 back and I have set everything up the way I think it says to but my ps3 won't obtain the IP address. It says "the key inform...

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Ps4 controller triangle button stopped working


Hey , I was playing a game of fortnite last night and my triangle button stopped working outta nowhere... I had been playing the game for just 15 min...

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How do you clean the inside of a ps3?


Hello,  how do you clean the inside of a ps3?

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Hello, so i wanted to open my ps3 and connect but suddenly it said (key information timed out) when I started again and entered the wpa it said exchan...

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Elena Keracheva  

Problème de mémoire ps3


Bonjour / Bonsoir à tous j'aurais besoin de quelques conseils à propos de ma ps3 ( et oui je l'utilise encore ) Il y a quelques temps ma console n...

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Ps3 games on a xbox360?


Hello, Is there any way to play PS3 games on an Xbox 360?

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I cant open my emails on msn on my ps3


Hello, i cant open my emails in msn on my ps3 and its doing my head in ive been sent numerous emailbut when I click on them it just wont open help

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Hdmi output in your laptop and play on my ps4


Hello, Do you put your HDMI output in your laptop and play on my PS4

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David Webb  

Obtain ip address failed - ps3


I am new to the PS3 and our house recently got a new modem. I am unable to connect to the internet

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David Webb  

Ps4 connection to hotspot


Hello, Fellow gamers lv got myself a Ps4 and lm doing my head in trying to connect to Telstra air lm connected but it goes straight to test says suc...

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Wpa key for ps4


Hello, What is the WPA key?

Last reply on 15 Aug 2019 by

Ps3 not supported


Hello, I hooked up my hdmi cable ps3 to my tv and it's said "mode not supported" and I did a test run on another tv and it worked fine, it's a HDT...

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Ssl problem


Hello, So when ever I try using the internet for a game I get "cannot communicate using SSL". Why I was trying to fix that I some how managed to mak...

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Fixing your ps3 network connection


Hello, Check it out. If you r constantly getting connection interruptions during game-play then here is what u need to do. If u r using a router (no ...

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Playstation network sign in fail


Hello, I need to sign in to ps4 playstation netwok but I forgot my password, can someone help me?

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If i connect my ps3 to the internet will i lose my games?


Hello, Is there any chance that if I connect my PS3 to the internet I may lose my games?

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Daniel Telele  

How to connect ps3 to my laptop


Hello,i want to buy a PS3 but I dun have a desktop monitor to play. can anyone teach me how to connect PS3 to laptop's screen to play?? My laptop gt...

Last reply on 21 Dec 2018 by

How to connect ps3 with my mobile hotspot


Hello, Lookin 4 and answer on how 2 connect ps3 with my mobile hot spot on my phone System Configuration: Android / Chrome 68.0.3440.91

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Error 8002a537 what do i do


Hello, How long does Error 8002a537 last keeps telling me I'm signed out won't let me sign in System Configuration: Android / Chrome 67.0.3396....

Last reply on 10 Jul 2018 by

Games won’t load


Sorry if I duplicated my question. I was in the forum p3 3 games will not load. I followed the directions I pressed the on/ off button for the 3 beeps...

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Can't connect controller to safemodeps4->bluetooth


I ran out of room in the title but my PS4 is presently having issues with the whole, "Too many USB devices connected," issue. I've tried simply cleani...

Last reply on 24 May 2018 by

Playstation 3 online connection problems


Hello, when i do connection test it completes the first two and fails the playstation network and blue light (next to power/green light) is not on, ...

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Ps4 flashes blue screen


Hello fellow CCM friends, I would appreciate anyone's help with this. While watching YouTube videos on the PS4, the screen randomly becomes blue fo...

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Ps3 won't work on my tv


Hello, I changed my PS3 from a 1080i TV to my regular TV. It won't work. All you see is blank screen. I also tried holding the power button but all...

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How do i connect my ps3 using a mobile modem?


Hello, I stupidly joined a contract with 3 for a Moible Broadband USB Modem before I got my PS3. I have a friend whom says he connected his PS3 to th...

Last reply on 9 Aug 2017 by

Ps3 won't restart after restore


my ps3 won't restart after restored I need your help

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Ps3 will not load.


Hello, I have a PS3 that will not load after pushing start button. It seems to freeze while loading settings. Help please! what can I do to correct?

Last reply on 30 May 2017 by

Playstation network connection failed


Hello, PlayStation is showing network connection failure error. How to fix this issue?

Last reply on 27 Mar 2017 by

Install java script on ps3


Hi, How to install java script on PS3?

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Ps4 still not connecting to internet?


Hello, So, I used my phones Hotspot and connected my ps4 to that and completed the new patch. When I tried to reconnect to my router unfortunately, ...

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Not connecting to playstation network


My play station comes up with an error saying it can't connect to playstation network (80710A06) please help.

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Internet speed cut in half suddenly


Hello, My wireless router pushes 36Mbs, it still does on my tablet, but my ps3 connection suddenly dropped from 18Mbs to 9Mbs download. I hooked it ...

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Psn failed :(


Hello, Help I was trying to play tf2 in orange box but my ps3 wont sign in it says the connection with sony entertainment network timed out.:( t...

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Playstation network sign-in failed. nat type failed.


Hello, since the latest PlayStation update I have been unable to connect to the PSN. I can connect and see who else is online, but I can go no furt...

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Ps3 sony entertainment network timed out?


Hello, I cant login to my psn it keeps saying sony entertainment network timed out. What does that mean??? I need help pleaseeeee Configuration...

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Help hooking my ps3 up to computer?


Hello, I would like to hook my PS3 up to my laptop so I can use it as a screen to play games on. I should preface this by saying that my laptop DOES h...

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My ps3 cant connect to my wireless internet


Hello, I am having trouble connecting my ps3 to my wireless internet, I have checked and restarted my router multiple times and strangely enough my ...

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How i fixed the ps3 connection problem


Hello all... Firstly, I have no idea why the PS3(and apparently, now the PS4's to) is having problems connecting to the internet, out of nowhere! B...

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Cannot connect to playstation network


Hello, I have tried changing my router settings to sign into PSN and have not been successful. I am receiving a message saying it is unable to load t...

Last reply on 18 Jan 2015 by

Ps3 will not obtain an ip address?


i have done everything I know,which is not very much:).can you help me,please ...

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Ps3 not showing anything on tv


I holded the power button for 5 sec but still nothing showing on TV. Pls tell me how to fix

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Ps vita game can play even don't have a psn account ?


Hello, can i play games on PS VITA even my psn account can't access to the psn store because of the my country /region not valid. can i use game...

Last reply on 27 Aug 2014 by
Anonymous User

Connecting ps3 through laptop using windows 7


Hello, hi im looking for some help from anyone that could tell me how to connect ps3 through my laptop using windows 7 finding extremely difficult to...

Last reply on 11 Apr 2014 by

Internet connection failed on wireless ps3


Hello, I connect my PS3 wirelessly via router and when I go to connect it finds my IP address but my internet connection fails could anyone help me...

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How can i download adobe flash player for ps3



Last reply on 20 Apr 2013 by

Can't get my ps3 to work with hdmi cable??


Hello, I just bought an hdmi cable to connect my ps3 to my sceptre hd 1080 t.v. and it doesn't seem to work. I have unhooked all the avi cables and ...

Last reply on 26 Mar 2013 by

Ps3 hdmi to normal resolution problem


Hello, I am having a problem with my playstation 3 ive been playing it on a HDMI TV using a HDMI cable , but now I wish to play it on a normal tv...

Last reply on 2 Jan 2013 by

Boosting wireless internet signal for ps3


Hello, I live in an apartment complex that provides wireless internet via Linksys wireless router. I just recently purchased a Playstation 3 that u...

Last reply on 28 Dec 2012 by
Teh internet haz fcked us

Xbox 360 vs. ps3


Hi! I really need some help guys... I am going to buy a new system very soon and I need to know if there are any big advantages or disadvantage ...

Last reply on 4 Nov 2012 by
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