My Computer can't run .exe Files.

Echo591 - Dec 7, 2009 at 05:28 AM
 keffie - Dec 18, 2012 at 07:55 PM
I'm having a Horrible Time here. My brother was running some kind of patch to a game called "Company Of Heroes" to my computer when it crashed and shut itself down.

He won't tell me the exact details other than it was something that already worked on his computer, but when I turned my computer on, I realised that my computer suddenly 15-20 Daemon Tools 'Mounting Image' Signs. A closer look at my laptop revealed that several of my Icons have been replaced by Daemon Tools files. After clearing the 15 Mounting Image windows that stayed on 5 seconds approx, it was quickly obvious that my computer could not run any .exe files at all, which effectively disabled my anti-virus systems as I just realised that the 15-20 Windows earlier was my opening processes attempting to run. As such, I am unable to scan for viruses. I tried several actions, like restoring my system, which could not work since it was a .exe, attempting to use Run to run the .exe, and uninstalling Daemon Tools. (Which the uninstaller was .exe and wouldn't run.)

So now whenever an attempt at running an .exe is done, a Mounting Image window would pop into my face. This includes Task Manager and RegEdit. The only programs that can work are Windows Explorer and Opera. (Due to some weird way Windows Vista handles Default Browsers, I can only run it from the Start Menu) This also renders half my Control Panel ineffective since .dll are the only ones that work.

So is there a probable fix for this, considering that all .exe cannot work?

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if you did and all that and you end up with EXE file problem then all you have to do is go to this site and find the rigth reg file to fix your problem

download the files and then you need to unzip them and then run them one by one ,, restart your PC and everything shpuold be ok and fixed
thank you! worked perfectly, saved me from formatting and reinstalling for a client's computer saved me over 9 hours.
sorry but it didnt help me...none of the exe files want to open...i realy need help with this im stressing it
You're a god (or goddess, LOL). This worked like a dream. Stephy, this isn't an exe file. If you have another computer, save it to a disk, then put it in the messed up computer. Right click on the file and select MERGE. It'll ask if you're sure. It worked like a dream. I'm fixing a co-workers computer right now. They had the same issue (not being able to open any exe files). I'm now able to open and just installed Malwarebytes, and am now scanning the computer.
worked perfectly! thaks!
It dOesn't woRk on me. What shoud I do??. Is this .exe file association fix is exclusiveLy on for Windows XP Operating System??. Why it dd not work on me at all??. Lookng forward 4 ur respOnse.
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Dec 7, 2009 at 05:37 AM
Dear Sir,

Please find the solution below:

Thanks in advance.
4 good. Seems the only by-pass is to run another file-type to open it's respective .exe opener. (Ex. .txt is the only way to open Notepad) I merged the .reg, but it's still giving me the same 'Mounting Image' Sign.
Hi guys iam using windows 7 and while runniing .EXE files it says (The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed.You may not have the appropriate permissions) what should I do guys pls help me iam wired with this PRBM>....................pls help mee