Software or phone driver for Linux

 Rita -

I bought a ultra portable PC preinstalled with Linux Linpus Lite OS.
I want to connect my SE K770i to the PC but the PC coult not execute the installer files and could not detect the phone either.

How I can fix this problem. Should I install Window XP instead.


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I hate when people answer in forums with suggestions "try this" and "try that" but I wanted show you a link. If your Sony Ericsson phone is running on Windows mobile 5 or 6 professional, it's possible to syncronize with Linpus LIte on your laptop. I am trying to do the same thing with my HTC Touch Dual. My laptop now detects the cell phone, and I can charge the battery, but I am still trying to figure out how transfer my files to the laptop. I am very stubborn and not giving up until I have managed it. Good luck!