OS 9.1 and os 10.1 dual boot [Closed]

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I have a client that has a G4 with a 60 gig hard drive and os 9.1. She wants to keep the current version of her movie program, but needs to update to 10 for internet.
We purchased a 300 gig hard drive and partitioned it 3 ways (100 gig each) I installed os 10 on one partition and made the other 2 storage.
I installed the hard drive (switch is set to cable select) and I can see the os x partition and one of the storage partitions, but now I don't know how to get it to boot from the os x partition. I have never done this with a mac before so any help would be appreciated.

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can you tell me what you have done exactly till now?
Thank you

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I have a 60 gig hard drive with OS 9.1 (original)

I have formated and partitioned a 350 gig hard drive into 3 partitions

I put OS 10.1 on one partition of the new hard drive (other two partitions will be used as storage...storage1 and storage 2)

I put the new hard drive on the same cable with the old hard drive (the switch on the new hard drive is set at cable select)

when we boot the computer, it boots into 9.1 and I can see the new hard drive (labled: OSX and Storage1...I can not see storage 2) on the desk top. The computer asks if I want to initiate the hard drive when it first boots and I'm not sure if it is asking for the storage 2 partition or not.

I can access the partitions, but I don't know how to make the computer boot from the new hard drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Assuming you are using a 80-conductor IDE cable, whatever drive you put on the end connector (the one farthest from the motherboard) will become the master and will be the only drive you can boot to. There is no easy fix for this. I'm not familiar with Macs but am about to build a hackintosh in a couple of months. If your Mac is capable of using SATA drives, I would clone the drives you are using to new SATA drives. Use a program like Ghost or Acronis to clone the drives. Then you can build a switch to switch between the SATA drives. (see thesataswitch.com for directions on how to build such a switch. Hey, if you can afford a Mac, you can probably affor a couple of $70 hard drives!