Western Digital; can't free up HD space [Solved/Closed]

 Javier -
Hello, I have a Mac G5 OS X, v10.4.11, pre-intel, so no PC capability. I am using a WD 500gb MY Book Studio as a back up for photos. I have run out of space because I mistakenly set up two different back up programs so, essentially, everything was backed up twice. The hard drive tells me I have 9 gb left, thus it is not being recognized. So, I opened the external HD and deleted a bunch of photos by dragging them to the trash can and emptying the trash can. The hard drive still tells me I have 9 gb left and I still can't do any backing up to it. How do I get that space cleared or opened up again so I can use it? Please be very specific as I am not anywhere close to good with computers. Thanks in advance.

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1. Go to Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility
2. Choose the volume you want to free the space from
3. Click "Erase" tab at the top
4. Click "Erase" button at the bottom right

Thank you

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Your HELP was the best advice. I was breaking my head! Thanks a million.
Thanks for the info. it was like a valve opened up which allowed my stress to vaporize. this worked very well for this Mac user.
Will this delete all the files in the external hard drive?..or just clear the space of the the items you dragged to the recycle bin? Thanx
i meant TRASH CAN, not recycle bin. Sorry.
it's actualy really simple to format these hard drives for macsyou just go into disc utility partition the hard drive with 1 partition go to options lick the appropriate button either intel or ppc then it should already be set for mac os extended (journaled) hit apply

actually, you get a format error from the disk utility before it can complete the mac format...
It's in a hidden folder called recycler. Unhide, then wipe all files.
The problem is that the Hard Drive is not formatted to Mac format, but Windows (FAT). You would have to back up all your files, then format using the the Mac, THEN it should work. I've had this happen to my memory stick, which I had formatted in Windows, but tried to delete in Mac--NO free space was gained.
I have the same drive and it seems that I cannot format it from fat to mac extended or journald. These drives are horrible and I am going to return it to BestBuy.
Call Mac support - they can help you. If you don't have support - don't try and back up everything - bring up two Finder windows and drag and drop the essentials to the new HD location. What's happening is it takes several GB to be able to move them automatically - so if you do this manually, it frees up the space required for the auto move, and the space for non-essentials. So choose Applications, for example and Users. Good luck