Digital convergence: meaning, technologies, examples

Digital convergence: meaning, technologies, examples

The term "digital convergence" refers to the ability to view the same multimedia content from different types devices and thanks to the digitisation of content (movies, pictures, music, voice, text) and the development of connections methods. Read emails on your TV via a connected smartphone, stream a movie and play it on your home theatre. Whatever your need, digital convergence can simplify and diversify your entertainment experience.


Previously, each device operated independently and networks were not interconnected. Today, information flows on the same network and are stored, read, viewed or listened via same types of equipment. Networks, technologies and content converge on a single device. Result: it saves time and simplifies life.

Examples of digital convergence

Now your TV can provide access to all information on a single screen. For example, a LED TV easily connects to a game console, a computer, Blu-ray players and also Internet router, allowing you to access your mail directly from your living room!

Even your Smartphone can be connected to your screen. This is the case of Apple, with the iCloud application that connects TV-PC-Smartphone. You can share videos, photos and applications wirelessly, and almost simultaneously. For example, you can write a note on your iPhone, and if you have iCloud enabled, the note will automatically appear on other connected devices, like your MacBook, iMac or iPad. 

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