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When logging on to one of my clients I get a dialogue box from Windows Security Centre, sayiny Windows Explorer is blocked by Windows Firewall. I can open nothing from the desktop nor files from folders in My Documents, My Pictures etc. The message also says can be unblocked by administrator, ;HOW'? ALL other clients working normally.
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we have the same problem, every time I log on, firewall pops up and let me choose option to block or unblock windows explorer. if I select block some programs will not run. Is this a virus? or malware? any reply will be greatly appreciated. thank you

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I have the solutions but it is not the permanent solution to the problem, but it works well. You have to terminate the explore process from Task Manger and rerun it. That's how it works.
Open Task Manager y pressing and holding CTRL+ALT+DEL, then switch to processes tab and find for explorer.exe, point it, and click End Process or press ALT+E. After it is terminated, click File, then New and type explorer, and click OK.
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I have the same problem. Internet Explorer is not a program that initiates request from outside the firewall so it should never be on the unblocked list in windows firewall. This smells like a virus to me. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
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I have problem with Ashampoo Firewall, every time I open it for first time it shows not responding and the send and don't send thing. After that I cannot open it and even internet isn't working. Only way is to uninstall it, but are there any other ways to use it ???? PLEASE HELP
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first, you have to try to refresh, but it may take awhile(;
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