Computer won't boot up

eddy29 - Sep 2, 2008 at 11:11 AM
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My computer won't boot up. The red light for the DVD is flashing, but the on/offswitch is not lit.
My wife has the same computer and it acted similiar. Acer replaced the mother board. Mine is an Axer Aspire t660.
I can not back up the files as the computerwon't power up.
Is there any way of geeting the info off the hard dirive if you can't get power to it, is it possible totransfer to another hard drive if the one drive has no power.
Can you offer any suggestions.

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Sep 2, 2008 at 11:57 AM
Hi There
The easiest way to get the info from your hard drive if your Mboard is faulty is to take out the hard drive and transfer it to you wifes computer.
This is a relatively simple procedure you can do yourself.
Make sure you earth yourself down to disscharge any static by touching the metal part of the caseing on your computer before you strip it down and while its still pluged into the wall socket

Remove the side of the computer case and locate the hard drive.

Each case is slightly different so I cannot tell you how yours comes apart but most are self explanatory.

The hard drive will have two cables attached one the power lead and the other the IDE ribbon these just pull off the back and the IDE ribbon is normay keyed so you cant get it wrong. If it is not keyed notice the ribbon has a red edge and notice which way round it is to so when you install it back you dont get it wrong.

Once the leads are removed, remove the four screws that hold the hard drive to the case.

Some cases have a cage that is held in by a screw that once removed slides out to enable easy replacement of the hard drive others have sliders to aid removal. Sometimes this requires removal of the front panel as the holding screw for the cage might be located under it.

The front panel usualy is cliped on be carefull not to break any clips. You can usually see then from inside the computer with the side panels removed.

Once you have removed the hard drive set the jumper on the rear of the drive to Slave.

A diagram is usually printed on top of the drive to assist you.

(Do not touch the printed circuit board that will be visible on the hard drive)

Then you can replace it in your wifes computer screwing it in place and putting it on the second IDE connection that your wifes master hard drive is attached to,

connect one of the free power cables and close the case up.

Reboot your wifes computer and once it is rebooted windows will recognize the drive and might say the hardware is installed but might require a reboot before it works properly.

Reboot and you should have access to all your documents.
Hope this helps
Kindest Regards Tony B