How to change date format from yyyymmdd to mm/dd/yy in Excel? [Solved/Closed]

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I have data with dates arranged in yyyymmdd format.

Is there an easy way to change the format to mm/dd/yy in Excel 2010?

System Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 7.0.1

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Hey folks,

I solved my own problem! Here's how I did it:

(If dates are in a row, select row, copy, paste/ transpose to a new column [no header])
  • Select the column.
  • Choose Data tab
  • Text to Columns - opens new box
  • (Choose Delimited), Next
  • (uncheck all boxes, use "none" for text qualifier), Next
  • Use the ymd option from the Date dropdown.
  • Click Finish.

You're done!
Thank you

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Thank you!
fantastic.... great help
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Really great thing..
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