Thinking about some upgrades for my pc

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i have actually an intel pentium core2duo e4500 in my pc fitted on an asrock motherboard but the problem is that sometimes it will keep freezing and when i will restart it it would not start up i have to switch it off then back again and then it will be alright.

so these days im thinking about an upgrade i have a budget of about 200 pounds and i was wondering what parts i can get?

see you

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Sep 3, 2008 at 09:07 AM
Hi There
Ah the ultimate question what should I buy.
Unfortunately £200 Is not a lot nowadays. I know you can go and buy cheap computer parts but you have to ask yourself some questions first.

How stable do I want my computer
With my £200 do I want cheap bells and whistles or do I want something that hopefully will last like a rock. That's not the mboard by the way.

What do you actually want your computer to do, Games, internet, Video???

By saying upgrade I assume that you are intending to use some of the components you already have??

If this is the case you might want to consider why you present PC is freezing on you and by using some of the components from it i.e. the memory etc if the problem will just rear its ugly head again once you have upgraded.

If you are experienced in computers you already know that the PSU and the Mboard is the two areas you should be seriously considering spending more money on than the average cheap computer you can buy two a penny.

The cheaper end of the Mobos use liquid capacitors while the upper end Mobos use solid state which are meant to be more robust and stable the same goes for more of the parts on these Mobos.

Again I assume (as you don't give us any indication of exactly what you want to upgrade) that you will want to replace the processor with a faster one.

You need to ask yourself what do i use my PC for, as the processor you have is fine for most things people do with their computers.
Its not always the case a faster processor leads to lightning fast computers there are lots of factors that can slow computers down.

Ive seen Pentium 3 running faster than Pentium 4 Im not going into details now but you get my drift.

Your question is so wide and so difficult to answer without going into lots of typing and then the particular part of your question you want answered might not be covered

So I will leave it there for you to ponder what it really is you want to do.
Kindest Regards Tony B.