C and d drive could not be open [Closed]

 preet -

I heve open the C Drive & D Drive but it is not open normaly its open the open with file the adobe Reader so pls help
me,its very very urgent

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my c, d, e, or local drives not opening. I think they are infected. please reply the solution.
Thank you

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your drives are not opening means it may be some malware or spyware pblms, you just download a software called combofix and run it, remember dont run any other programs when you run combofix, i think it will solve ur pblm
when ur open both drive's
see hidden files
search any autorun file and delete tios file
after deltion this files restart ur computer
ur problem has been solved
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you have been probably infected by a worm and what you can do is to download a software called superantispyware from www.superantispyware.com and then just do a complete full scan you could be surprised of the number of worms you have on your machine

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