FB & Email Hacked, wnt to delete FB & Emai

 Zeal -
Hello, email and facebook have both been hacked, so there is no way of changing my password,
or even deleting my facebook; how can the facebook team delete my account?
best regards

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Dear Sir,

You will be compelled to contact the Facebook Support in

order to have the account disabled. Also I will advise you

to have a legal case filed in order to know who has hacked

the account.

Thanks in advance.
I know someone who has equipment that can hack into the computer, mess up digetal TVs, phones anything digetal. Her name is Rhonda (Susie) Jet Westover. Has been harassing me, cant get sound from speakers. Invasion of privacy. Violating of rights. Sent a letter to FBI
I know someone who has equipment that hacks into computers, and messes up anything digetal. I had told Time Warner about it. Violation of rights, and civil and privacy act. mejociulla@hotmail.com Rhonda (Susie) Jet Westover blacks out my computer. Its digetal
Seriously, go to the Ligatt web site and you will find a vast amount of good information to help you out.