Office "Save as" & file browsing tak

 Jimmy -

In all Office programs the same thing; selecting "Save as" and if the target directory needs to be browsed behind a long path, it takes minutes after double-clickking folder icon before it opens up. While it is doing what ever-it-is-doing the Office application is totally frozen.

Finally I get the folder opened, doubleclick an other icon again and the same thing happens... It does not happen with File open or others like that, although the browsing mechanics are probably the same ?

To make it a little bit more difficult, it does not happen regularly, but randomly. Still most of the time. Some folders open up immediately, some don't, but the behavior is not the same time after time. Folder that opened up quickly the last time, does not do it the next time

I hope noone suggests anything like registry maintenance, siince any aggressive attempt to scan the registry causes BSOD. And I do not have a faintest clue which registry key is it.

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Is this when browsing local files OR when browsing networked files?