System reboots automatically on power cuts

 Bony -
my pc automatically
reboots on power cuts(brand new ups attached) while doing cpu intensive works. but when cpu load remains under 50% it stays fine.
i changed the PSU, UPS ,RAM & MOTHERBOARD recently & tried almost everythng. but there is no difference. plz plz show a last soln.
thanx a lot in advance...

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Dear Bony,

Please go through the following steps to see if the

problem gets solved:

Thank you.
thanks ash pere_01 for ur pc's virtual memory was already set to 1.5 times the ram. I guess its a power problem that is very hard to get detected as i changed everything except the cpu and hdd. please point to another possibility..oh yes i can tell u its not a heat issue becoz the cpu/sys temps are far below from the recommendations.
thanks again.