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I'm a bit of a neophyte, so bear with me. I recently set up a wireless signal in my home. The Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router is hooked up to my desktop computer and a cable Internet modem.

My Internet connectivity is fine ... I'm hooked up and everything is great getting online via my wireless laptop.

What I'd like to do now, and I don't know how to accomplish, is to be able to share files back and forth between the desktop and the laptop. My desktop is my main work computer, so I find myself running between them with a thumb drive swapping files back and forth.

I'd also love to be able to print from the wireless laptop ... my printer is currently hooked up directly to my desktop.

I know these steps are possible. I just don't know how to do it. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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I want to hook up my desktop to my Linksys 160n ,but am having problems. It doesn't have to be wireless since I have a laptop that is working fine with the internet connection from the Linksys already. I have tried a bunch of things but still no luck. I am running XP pro on the desktop. Any suggestions?
Does you router have ports on the back of it? If it does you can hook a wire from the port 1 to your desktop ethernet card and wala you have internet.
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ive set up an ad hoc wireless network but I cant connect to the internet but I dont know what to do so it would be great if someone could give me some advice by replying back and thanks to anyone who will help
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Share all the drivers (c/d/e/f etc) in your Desktop computer and make sure you give required permission (Read/write).
Assuming that your desktop computer is hocked-up to the router through LAN (CAT5) then check which port it's connected. ex. LAN port 1 of your router. Then it will get ip eg. or LAN port2 the it will get ip
Best method is make it fixed ip if possible.

Then in your laptop open webbrowser and type above ip address . That's it.

or WINDOWKEY-R (Run command) type \\ required ip. You will get all the shared file

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You have to be on the same DOMAIN or in your case, the same WORKGROUP. type into your address line: \\name of target computer\admin$ then ENTER. EXAMPLE: Both computers are on default WORKGROUP, MSHOME. Desktop is called BIGBOY , laptop is called LAPTOP. To reach the C drive of the desktop from LAPTOP, type, on LAPTOP'S address bar: \\BIGBOY\admin$, then ENTER. You will see the desktop's C drive.

Look up additional info, google "admin share $"

Here is a link you might use:

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