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I'm a bit of a neophyte, so bear with me. I recently set up a wireless signal in my home. The Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router is hooked up to my desktop computer and a cable Internet modem.

My Internet connectivity is fine ... I'm hooked up and everything is great getting online via my wireless laptop.

What I'd like to do now, and I don't know how to accomplish, is to be able to share files back and forth between the desktop and the laptop. My desktop is my main work computer, so I find myself running between them with a thumb drive swapping files back and forth.

I'd also love to be able to print from the wireless laptop ... my printer is currently hooked up directly to my desktop.

I know these steps are possible. I just don't know how to do it. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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There are to many ways but you can use for example the remote destop application that is built-in in Windows based computers to share resources between 2 computers, and even totally control 1 remote computer:

See this link:

For the remote printing, do you have to set up the printer sharing first and after that connect to the printer in the side where you are, that is different from where the printer is located, follow this link:

Excuse me for any writing error, I speak Spanish.

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hi u can find answer on this below link
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if you connect internt through wirless router then it's possible to share desktop files and laptop files. first make sure you have same workgroup on both computers. then ping each computer. if it success then share the files or folders you want to share. that's it... sure for my language... if question don't hestitate to email me ok bye
If I could understand the words in your message
then I probably would know how to do all this.

What is Ping?

Nowhere on the internet can I find a simple explanations of how to connect up 2 computers
so they read each other and a common printer.
Not the hardware - I already have both computers connected
to a router and a Cable modem to share and interenet connection.
And I have set drives to Share (shortcuts in share folder)
But that doesn't make them read each other.


Now what?
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my desktop has broadband connection, and a wireless router modem and I have an laptop in which windows vista is installed. please tell me how to connect my laptop wirelessly to browse internet. aslo tell me about the ping.
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I don't know how to share files ether, but try wireless network setup wizard in control panel. It connects 2 computers together, but I've seen you have to change your computer names to share files. You have to make the names the same to share files. Did that help?
i am astudent of networking engineering from iiht
my problem I can connect for four pc in wi fi network with airtel wifi modem
internet all ready connected but no file and printer sharing
please help me
answer is hav to go to your firewall then click the exception tab above then check the box for printer and file sharing.....
but before that you hav to set your ip address on both computers.....
for example: pc1-; then subnet is
pc2-; then subnet is then type on the default gateway the pc1's ip address then you got what you want but if you want to share an internet connectiion you to connect the pc1 in the internet... then you hav to go to the start menu then click run in the menu....then type cmd.exe.... then when it open type ipconfig/all there you can see your ip address and your broadband's address and DNS server #.....

all you hav to do is to copy the DNS numbers on pc2 below the default ip address the press ok, then its done.... if you have to connect for pc follow the steps in pc2

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i guess in wifi you only hav to do is to follow what I did on the first
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The way I have done this is simply sharing the desktop hard drive to say 2 users or so.
Now when you want to see the desktop from the lap top; get the desktop IP address and connect as a network drive as follows:

and give the user name and password.

Once you are done; then connect to the printer onto the desktop via Printers etc... remember you need to give the IP address and the printer name.

Some OS require you to download the printer drivers. this is sharing.

I hope this helps.
Thankyou Rajeev

This is the first even partially helpful answer I have received.
My system is not wireless - I have Ethernet connection between
the two computers and one of them is connected by USB to the printer.
That one is not the principal data computer.

You suggest I make one the host?
And how do I find the IP addresses of all these things.

And does the Printer have an IP address through a USB hookup
and if so how do I find that.

Do I have to put in the IP everytime I want to connect from one computer
to another?
Can I go both ways?

Pardon my ignorance - but I still don't get the basic idea of the setup
and basic commands.
Nobody starts from the beginning.
They tell all about wires
but not step by step about what I am doing.
> Btyllars should be Bryllars -
for what it?
want to find the ip on a computer, go to run -> type "cmd" then a little black box will pop up, then type "ipconfig/all" and it will show pretty all ip addresses and god knows what else
i didnt work rajeevoi
Thank you
just click the wireless function key...sometimes it's shortcut key like fnc key + activate your laptop wirlesss,,,e mail me if you have question..ayt???
> corgi -
How do I use my laptop with just a router. Does it have to be connected to a desktop? How do I use my laptop solely without a desktop. Help
Maggie - did anyone respond to your question? I also am trying to set up wireless capability without a desktop so that I can use my throughout my house. When I bought a wireless router yesterday, the guy at Best Buy assured me I do not need a desktop. He said to do the set up while "wired" and that once set up I should be able to work wirelessly ... it did not work. Help!
> naive -
your wep security key is on your router somewhere around the seriel number one is the seriel number and the other is the wep key
Read the set-up connections on the wireless router. You'll have to INITIALLY connect the laptop to the router (with the phone connector type wire with the clippie things on the end). The computer will then recognize the router and adapt to it, and after it does (in a few minutes), you can disconnect the telephone type wire from the laptop and the router and go wireless. The foregoing is just the gist of how you connect without a desktop computer. You do, of course, HAVE to have an available Internet connection, such as through cable (aka cable modem). And you'd connect the cable to your router in the appropriate place. Again, read the router instructions carefully, and make sure you already have some kind of connection to the Internet (cable modem (through your cable provider) or DSL (through a telephone company).
when you had your lappie hard wired sometimes you have to ping the routers address then go to security and switch on wireless after that unplug hardwire then look on lappie for (wireless conections are available) look for your connection click on it then put in your key (usually found under your router) make sure your lappie has wireless switched on
Thank you
any idea on how to connect a linux computer through my windows vista computer which is already on wireless so it can have internet. I have another wireless card but as being a windows program cant run it, and I did try crossover but I downloaded the free version for some reason it dosnt work so I doing a temp internet fix by hooking into my windows comp. and the router is 2 floors down so I dont want to hard wire down there.
Thank you
It all depends on what operating system you are running. This goes for mostly all the OS from 98 to XP.

To share files, you just need to create a folder anywhere on your desktop and give it a name. Then you right click it and go to "Sharing" or "Sharing and Security". You just ask it to share and make sure you click on the "Allow other users to make changes" so that you can change the files on that folder from your laptop computer.

You can do the same for the printer. Go to Control Panel, Printers and right click on the printer you are trying to share and ask it to "Share".

Then you go to the laptop and open up "My Computer" type in the desktops ip address as such ( and this will open the desktop computer if you have any folders or files that are set to share. Make sure your firewalls are turned off for both your OS and your antivirus. You will then see the printer on there. You just need to double click the printer and if it asks you to download the drivers from the internet just say "yes" or "ok". You should also be able to access the folder you set to share on your desktop and should be able to make changes. I have set up these types of networking for many businesses and homes so they definately work. If not just send me a personal e-mail and I will be happy to assist you.

I am trying to do the same thing. Access my Brother Printer - which is plugged into my wireless router. I can access the printer as long as I select the USB connection (for the same printer). But if I try to access it via the connection to the Netgear wireless router - it won't do anything. I typically use a computer in a different room from the one to which the router is attached. With that computer off - I can still access the internet,

I'm trying to cut down on my household power consumption, but whenever we shut off the main computer - the USB printer connection won't work either.

I really hate networking. I just finally got the printers (USB) to work. Not sure what I did other than reinstall every option I had in network protocols. Now I probably have too many, but I never know which one I need.

Please help if you can.
I never rec'd an answer from the group. I reinstalled some of the network protocols that I had removed. I can only print to the USB printer on the remote computer when it is ON. I haven' had a chance to figure out how to connect to the printer alone when the remote computer is OFF. I know it's possible because before the computer crash (mine - not the remote one) I was able to do it.

I'll try to figure it out and if I do I"ll post back.

I can only suggest what others have said - I checked the "other network file and print services in the add/remove windows components programs section of windows applications even though it shows -0 mb used -and also in the printer and faxes section. For now - make sure the remote computer is ON. make sure to select "share" printer on both computers.

Wish I could be more help. I'm going to kidnap my son's best friend next time he comes to visit. I'll feed him in exchange for help with the network issues. I know he can figure it out.

I have two lap tops, both are operating via a wireless router. One is newer, with Vista Ultimate, the other is XP. I am using MS Outlook. How can I have Outlook opened on both computers and have them be in synch with each other?
> Wanda -
i purchased a new laptop but I don't know how to connect internet through wireless,i'm also having wifi for my laptop tell me about wifi also...?
Thank you
Rajeev I think I love you. Your advice ended hours of frustration for me. Thank you!
Thank you
I just got a new laptop and my home computer has wireless internet but I don't know how to connect the home computer internet to my laptop and share the wireless broadband soo I guess my question is how did you do it? email me to tell me please!!! =D
Try this link - it is very clear
can you let me know how you did this. my main computer is wireless and my laptop is wireless capable but for some reason I cannot connect to the internet. cheers adele
Thank you
im sorry but can u explain ur problem again......if I u/s than u have one wifi laptop and one desktop who dnt have wireless card right ?? and u want to connect that desktop with laptop and u want to take print out from ur laptop also ?? which is connected to ur desktop right ??? and u also want to use internet connection in desktop reight ??

is ur scenario ??

Thank you
hey look
i have laptop (wireless) and one dekstop
and I want to know can I make lan between them
Thank you
Did you have any luck connecting the laptop and pc wirelessly?
> zubi -
kindly let me know how to connect

pc to pc with internet connection

laptop to laptop with internet connection
If u want to connect through wireless open network & sharing in control panel then open set up new connection then u will see window
in that set up wireless ad hoc then click next please fill the required connection type next its done..:

then if u search wireless connections u will find new one with name u given connect to it...............then its done u can share any thing from one lap to other,.,,..
Switch on the router.
Connect both pc's to the network.
NOTE Down The pc's IP Address.

If you want see pc2's hard disk on pc1.
Open the 'run' window and then type :-
This will take some time.
It will ask you for your Pcname\Username & Password. Type them and click ok.
Your Done!
If you want to see pc1 on pc2 type:-
> jj -
I have an internet connection on my desk top.My D-Link DI624 wireless router is connected to the desktop.Now, I want to access internet on my laptop (Lenovo) via the D-link router.The laptop is seeing the router on default connection but I can not access the internet.What can I do or what configuration can I do on the laptop?

i have just purchased a new laptop (an ACER) which has Windows Vista (home) installed. my main computer is connected to the internet via a broardband connection and it also has a wireless router connected and has been in use for another computer in the past (no longer in use) the router is 'live ' and ready ! How do I connect my new laptop via the router wireless signal (no physical connection-ofcourse!) thanks if you can help.
Thank you
Use Network magic. its great. I just hooked 5 computers with that program, but you have to install it on each computer and it does the rest. You need either a wireless or wired connection. I hope this helps.
Thank you
Please set up a wireless LAN. Such that you can access either of the two on each other.
Thank you
Download Network Magic from Linksys
Thank you
I have one wireless laptop trying to print off my wireless brother printer....nothing happening. customer service indicates I have a invalid router address. How do I fix this so I can print from my wireless loptop??
Thank you
thank you,
Thank you
for the printer problem if it has an ethernet port you can hook it up directly to you router and take the disk that came with the printer and install it as a network computer but then you have to install it on both th computers
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