Sims 3 Mobile Help: Personality Traits

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RUTH : shy, friendly, active, natural cook, neat

JACK: friendly, active, neat, easily impressed

JILL: conversationlist, good sense of humor, easily impressed, friendly, absent-minded

BERNIE: no sense of humor, mean-spirited, couch potato, neat

MAGGIE: green-thumb, friendly, active

JAKE: good sense of humor, couch potato, slob

MARCELL: natural cook, easily bored, vain, active, genius

THERESA: shy, friendly, genius, neurotic

WALTER: no sense of humor, conversationlist, neurotic

NINA: conversationalist, active, good sense of humor, easily impressed

LUKE: shy, good sense of humor, natural cook, active

JOHNNY: friendly, good sense of humor, genius, slob

ANYA: conversationalist, angler, ??????????????????????????????, active, mean-spirited

What is the last missing trait..


Please help..

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hey. it's easily bored.
can you tell me what should I speak with sims to find the following traits?
friendly, neat, easily impressed, absent-minded, slob, vain, neurotic
hi. can I ask how can I solve all their traits? or what can I do to bring out all their traits? bunch of thanks!
what is Anya????? nothing I talk about is working !!!! is it a nother skill I need to talk to her about??
For easily impressed u have to boast about fish and or gardening a couple of times and for friendily you have to insult them a couple of times and apoligize for it for absent minded u have to goof around and make silly faces.for vain talk about their. Personality but remember you have two do them more than once.I hope I helped at least a little
How to figure out easily bored, absent -minded trait?
How do you get Johnny's 4th trait slob? Who is anay
You can discover the "Neat" trait by talking to the person while your sim has the green stink cloud around them. You can get "cloud" by not showering, kicking/cleaning garbage cans, or farting (if you download that action).

Still haven't figured out how to discover if another sim is neurotic.
How do you find out the 'active' trait?
Nevermind I found it out by talking about fishing
okay I found out all of them except neurotic and slob. and i'm not sure about neat. do we need to kick trash cans to find it?
So, uh, how about sharing how you found out the traits? What actions did you do?
to find neurotic traits you need to apologize for creepiness twice or three times..if you are friends or good friends status with the sims you can unlock the neurotic traits by using thier fridge or shower in thier house but if you have reach best friend or partners status you cant unlock the neurotics traits so you need to break up with the sims if you are partners in order to unlock the neurotic traits.. sorry for the late reply cuz I just started to play this game...hope this help
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Aug 8, 2015 at 12:22 PM
How do you figure out the neurotic trait if they're mean-spirited as well? If you continue to apologize, they'll just reject you cuz they're mean. Is it even possible for them to be both mean-spirited AND neurotic ?
how did you find the slob trait?
you can find the slob trait by hugging another sim while you have very low(red) hygiene.

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Does anyone know how to find out Jill's absent-minded trait? I've been doing all kinds of stuff and it's still undiscovered for me.
Ooh, I found it. I was just flirting with her to get it.
What about Kia???? And who is Anya? How do u find out if someone is genius?
I was wondering who is Kia, instead of Anya in my version, lol
you can find out genius trait by talking about repairing or boasting about it
ANYA: conversationalist, angler, easily bored, active, mean-spirited
how to find out easy- bored
Anya's third trait is : vain
it is slob
it's neurotic .