Acer Aspire One AOA 110-1588 won't boo

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My niece has a Acer Aspire One AOA 110 - 1588, the computer boots up goes past the windows xp splash screen then goes into checking disk. When it finishes it gives a error message that states error in writing the output log and if you try loading in safe mode it starts listing the files but then freezes on \windows\system32\drivers\agpCPQ.sys and won't go any further. My niece says that the only thing she got was the computer nothing else with it. How can I restore her computer? Thank you.

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hi there,

by using recovery discs for the laptop

or boot from windows installation cd and make a system repair

u need to reprogram the hard drive with the windows
I have the exact same problem. Were you able to correct?
I have the same problem as Zeta above. Were you able to correct your problem?

Thank you.