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 Kilali -

I have A BIG problem. When I want to call to someone using skype, my microphone AUTOMATICALLY BY !!HIMSELF !!
becomes muted. I know that he is working because there are noises when I touch him. After that I recieve the message that may be I am not connecting it into the right place. After that I "un-mute" it but the message stays and the one I am speaking does not hear me(neither I him...).I have tried to connect it in front or onto the back of my computer, but it was useless. Perhaps there are some options that I am not doing rightly...Thanks.

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PLEASE HELP ME....My pc is Intel Pentium 4, windows xp proffesional, I can not use headphones - audio is wirking but microphone is not. I checked volume setup there is no microphone settings, just synth, cd player, vawe. in master volum even colum for microphone is absent. I tried to download realtek sound max but doesn work. the m-ge comes check yr drivers and settings. I dont know what to do. please give advice
i cant get my mic to work on yahoo messenger, tried everything, just says voice not detected, not sure what else to do,
Right click on the speaker at the bottom Right of your screen..
-- Click on the Recording Devices
A window Titled Sound will open

if there is no contents in the Sound window, Right Click
inside that window and then click on "Show Disabled Devices " ...

any able-abled device mic/aux/Stereo Mix will then show up..
To enable one or the other Right click on the Stereo Mix and click on Enable ,

Right click on the device again, and Select "Set as Default Device "

if you do not see anything you have not installed the drivers correctly
Uninstall drivers, restart Windows then attempt to install the drivers again..

You can also, double click on the Mic/Stereo Mix (after enabled)..
a window will pop up...
Click on the tab "Levels " in the Stereo Mix to unmute your Mic or to adjust the sound..
How to get Mic On sony viao working with Skype...I got it working!!!

1. go onto Skype and click on tools
2.click on options
3.click on audio settings
4.make sure mic volume is turned up AND TRY CLICKING ON THE ARROW ABOVE MIC VOLUME AND GIVES YOU THE OPTION OF HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO DEVICE 2. After hours of trying to solve the problem via my control panel it was Skype settings all along not the laptop. I hope this helps. You should automaticly see the green line start to move up and down. :)
i ham using skype.when I connected I can hear the sound of others but they cant hear me.please help me for a solution
Thank you for this....my problem is solved
No solution here,why [solved]
i want headphone mick use for direct output computer speaker
um wow... I cant find anything that ur talking about.. u dont tell us where 2 go or anything.. this doesnt help at all
Will find an answer for you!!!! we found it and lost the answer
try to reinstall skype or update the driver for the mic
Who the heck assigns their microphone a GENDER?!
i hav a big problem whenever I talk with my frnds I t not works .
Why can't my daughter and I hear each other on Skype?
try later
But my computer not a laptop doest have a hole for the mic so doi use my head phone button>
hi I have just recieved my camera I ordered from amazon logitech quickcam pro 9000 when I start a vid call on windows live messenger I cant hear my voice ive check for driver updates there was 1 that installed but can anyone help

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