5.1 not working in Windows 7

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I installed the windows 7 rc build 7100. The drivers for my sound-blaster 5.1 card were updated online. But, then my 5.1 speakers is not getting detected. It shows as 2 speakers only my FL FR speakers work.RR RL and center do not. Help me out pls.

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if you right click your speaker in tool bar then left click playback device then right click the speaker then left click enhancements then click " speaker fill" and blamo :>)
Thanks mate UR a Genius!!!!! Beats dowloading all the other crap people were suggesting.
Damn, You are a genius. That worked!! Awesome!
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I was having the same problem; Itunes was playing and only the FL, FR and Sub were working. I used this solution and it did no work at first; I restarted iTunes and then this solution took effect.
So if you're running anything restart it and it'll work.

Thanks so much for this :)
)): I still can find this, please rewrite it for a stupid man.
hello,have you get any solution for your problem.me 2 I have a 5.1 logitech x540 and am using on Windows 7 Built 7100.

help me if you get the solution

I had the same problem with my creative 5.1 sound blaster.

I downloaded the software from the following link and it worked. Try the link below.

I have windows 7 build 7100 too and also have logitech x-540 (5.1) speakers. Windows 7 keeps dumbing the 5.1 audio to 2.1 ='( unless I use matrix (but that doesn;t really fix the problem).... Tell me when there is a fix please =)
I've found a solution. Try using the beta driver (Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series driver 2.18.0013) from Creative website. The link is this one


Hope it helps :)
What OS are you running ? Vista has 32 and 64 bit ! I have the X-fi 7.1 but I use 5.1. Firstly, I have a duel boot system. My first is xp32 bit and the X-Fi is superb ! Downstream mix also ! However my second drive used to have Vista ultimate 64bit, which well as any Vista user knows, it's not all that good (being polite) and the X-Fi did not work to it's full potential, no creative console or downstream mix. ( dolby suround was still great)
Dumped the Vista 64 and replaced with Windows 7 Ultimate (with mce) at also 64 bit.
Still X-Fi does not have the same potential of use as with xp32bit. It's just a Windoze problem and until the Mfr's like Creative pull their fingers out of their rearends and give existing users some new drivers, then there's nowt you can do.
hey bro even I had the same problem.windows 7 installs the drivers automaticaly by default but it only supports 5.1 sound for some formats so wat u can do is u can download new drivers specificly build for windows 7
it will work

lemme know if dis works......
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SB0680 wic is soundblaster5.1 sound card from creative does not ve driver support for vista or win7...only solution is to upgrade ur sound card to a more recent one....tats wat I did....
Watch my video!
You will understand it good because it's very easy!