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 Kilali -

I have A BIG problem. When I want to call to someone using skype, my microphone AUTOMATICALLY BY !!HIMSELF !!
becomes muted. I know that he is working because there are noises when I touch him. After that I recieve the message that may be I am not connecting it into the right place. After that I "un-mute" it but the message stays and the one I am speaking does not hear me(neither I him...).I have tried to connect it in front or onto the back of my computer, but it was useless. Perhaps there are some options that I am not doing rightly...Thanks.

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Go in your sound properties, then click on recording, microphone and then tick in the box below mic to enable it!
Howdo you do this on Windows Vista where the tick box isn't shown? Thanks.
what if you are unable to check this box? I have tried this and it just doesn't allow you to check it

when I try to call someone using skype microphone automatically muted.and when u again call someone on skype it ll again automatically muted and nt work for any other application.to aork on other applicartion I have to unmute it.it will work fine for other applications like yahoo messenger,gtalk and sound recording bt nt work for skype.

I have a big problem. I installed my webcam(woRks) and microphone. When I talk on microphone it seems to be working normal, but when I try to record (with sound recorder) it wont work... while recording I hear what I say but when I want to play it I dont hear anything.
Oh yes I forgot to mention, I did what you all said (thicked recording then microphone)it still wont work...D:
Hi! A pretty fresh thread I can see, I've seen others but only old ones! I got this problem.. I have Windows 7 and want to get the inbuilt microphone in the webcam to work but I can't, I'v'e tried the most and follow a guide to get it to work in Vista/Win 7 but I just can get the picture, no sound.. Device Manager on Logitech Microphone (Messenger) on properties: "This device can't start (Code 10)" What can I do? Please any suggestions? I've read this thread but without any success.. I have a pretty new laptop with no built in microphone, just a built in webcam. And yeah I am sure that I don't have a microphone built in.. I really want the mic to start work on the Webcam that I have through the USB.. Please anyone? Would really appreciete it :) Thanks in advance!

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