Comp. does not boot

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my computer was working fine till 3 days ago wen i saw it was frozen on a word document.. ctrl+alt+del didn work, neither did the num lock key. then i plugged out the power cord and tried to restart the comp. that time the num,scroll and caps blink all together at once wen i swtich on but nothin comes on screen. the cd drive alone is workin and comes out and goes in on pressing. i see both the fans running, but nothing comes on screen. some tech guy told me to service my motherboard and i went and got it serviced and told the service guy the issue. now i have gotten it back and again wen i switch it on the same problem persists. nothin comes on screen.. plz help....

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Dear Sir,

Please check whether the problem is not sourcing from

the motherboard. Try it on another PC and if it doesn't

work properly, have it replaced.