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 tim -
I am going through hell right now please anyone out there in cyber world HELP! See I have a Gateway computer and I haven't use it in about a month (due to remodeling of my room.) When I did get my things together and plug everything up I had this repeated beeping noise. Wouldn't boot up just beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep! They weren't long ones just little short beeps. What the hell is going on? Oh and I have called Gateway but since my warranty was up.. They wanted to charge me A MILLION DOLLARS JUST FOR A FEW QUESTIONS! PLEASE HELP ME OUT ANYONE SOMEONE!

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hi there,

you will get more information on beep codes here:

Beep codes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but what is happening from your description is a POST error. When the computer turns on, the BIOS runs a set of tests to check to make sure everything is correct, and if its not it will start beeping. The beeping you're describing is common with bad RAM, but only the motherboard manufacturer can tell you for sure. And since you bought a Gateway, they're not going to tell you without you paying them.