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 chill -
im using an excellaptop i got my charger fixed meaning i can use my laptop again i have a problem the problem my seem easy and simple but i've tried everything and its still not working. my screeen is really big meaning if i go onmyspace i cant see peoples backgrounds GARR!

i know where to go and fix it but when i touch it it wont move.
i reallly need help i've ntriend a lot of things please help

btw it tells me to download my computer software again but i've lost the cd when moving houses is there anywhere i could download it its an excel computer by the way


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Make sure that your motherboard is installed, then make sure your monitor is installed!!!

getting your laptop fixed may have corrupted some files!!!

just go through the CD's that came with it!!!

whats the model number?

1. if the motherboard wasnt installed the fucking machine wouldnt boot up.
So im taking it you meant driver wise.

2. He just needs the graphics drivers.

3. "i do not have the CD's" mean nothing to you?

read before you reply.
Dude..... Relax.