Cant watch videos on safari

 imhelpful -
Wen I search a website such as pornhub or summet, wen I click on the video a lot of random, foreign letters cum up so please help!!!!!

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Dear Sir,

Please get to Options> Tools> Content tab and block

the pop ups and also check whether there is no filter

on the browser.

Thank you.
omg. you are a life saver! thanks!
can I ask where the options and tools is please?? is it in settings?? I cant find it

Hi there!

It is a pleasure to help you, thanks for using our forum for solving your problems!
Ummm where is the options on the itouch?
& wut do you do if its on a itouch???
you gotta go to your options then make sure everything is on, I think its the plug ins or something, this has happened to me before