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I have an itunes account and I bought songs with it on my old computer. I now have a new computer and it will not let me play those specific songs I bought on itunes because it says I have already authorized 5 computers and in order to play the songs I need to deauthorize a computer. I know how to deauthorize a computer and I tried that, but it doesn’t work. It says that it wasn’t able to deauthorize it because my information was incorrect, but it wasn’t. It was all correct and I cannot access the other computers that I authorized. Is there something else I can do to play the music I bought from itunes? Please help :). Thank you.

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NO. you will need to deauthorize one of the computers.
What if I am having problems deauthorizing it? I went to this one website and it says it can help if I enter in information about my ipod and tell them my problem and giving them personal information, but I don't know if it's a trustworthy site.

Dear Nightengale ,maybe I could give you some advice.

As we known,iTunes songs are allocated authorizations on 5 if you wants to play these songs in your new computer ,you have to remove DRM from iTunes music files ,there are many methods, such as CD burning and ripping and so on.I would like to tell you a simple way ,using software, such as Wondershare Media Converter to convert your protected files to DRM-free ones.
thank you so much