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Evans - Jan 6, 2010 at 03:44 AM
 Blocked Profile - Jan 7, 2010 at 06:33 AM
Acer Aspire Laptop, that i was loging on properly, a week ago i tried to restart the laptop, it shutdown but it couldn't, I treid to manual start it same story.
But after like 5 hours of rest i tried puting the computer on it responded verywell, i did my work and fineshed evrything, the after i tried to restart it an it couldn't.
Aday after i tried it loged on and when i try to restart the same it does no

What happens is when u start the laptop, it does go on, the fun first runs for a few seconds goes off, the follwed by DVD ROM which also runs for few seconds and then goes off and then back to the fun that keeps on running but the laptop screen can not display anything atall. I have checked HDD, Memory, Processor, Power Supply evething is fine.

What could be the problem if i ca not retart the laptop at anytime i want?

Guys throw me some advice

Kind Regards
Evans Uganda

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Jan 7, 2010 at 06:33 AM
Dear Sir,

Please check the motherboard and graphic card too

for these also could be messing up. Well if the monitor

doesn't display anything at all, not even showing the "NO

SIGNAL", please try connecting the monitor to another

PC to see whether it's not the faulty hardware.

Thanks in advance.