Desktop defender 2010 popups

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is this popup mean i have virus?where it came from. please help

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Go Back in Time before your system was infected by this Trojan by using SYSTEM RESTORE!
Here is how for XP users, but VISTA users have similar instructions.
1. Click Start.
2. Point to All Programs.
3. Point to Accessories.
4. Point to System Tools.
5. Click System Restore.
6. Follow the instructions on the wizard.

This will not erase any photos or files you have created, it just takes your system back to a time when the virus was not there.
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this worked for me thanks............
of course yes, you are infected by a spyware virus. Desktop Defender 2010 is a fake rogue spyware program. it is a virus. you should remove it from your computer. follow the instructions from the link below to get rid of Desktop Defender 2010 virus
can avg antivirus remove it?