How to change sms tone in my samsung star5233

gift - Jan 12, 2010 at 03:04 AM
 Dave - Jul 9, 2013 at 07:10 PM
frndz.. can anyone tell me how to change sms tones on my samsung star 5233?? is there any other way to change that ? I cudnt install any .jar files thro my system.. and I hate the way samsung video converter changes the format changes every vdoz into a worse..clarity vdo...and it doesn fitz to my screen too...and if I tryd to put in full screen the vdo is being streched to itz width...
i'm also having HDconverter... so can any one tell me the correct format to convert my vdos? coz im having hella lots of .wmv format to select... any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Well, you can get sounds or other files uploaded as SMS tone, go: Main menu -> Settings -> Phone Profiles -> Normal, then scroll down the top right arrow and select New messages then Message alert tone, and then select the right bottom Sounds and then select your uploaded sms tone and prees add, thats it :)
thanks a lot
Thank you so much!
tnx a lot=) I just did it now.. tnxtnxtnx for the help=)
thank you so much
I just did it too. Thank you. Bless you.
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Dead easy

1) Go to menu display and light and press for widget

2) Tick sound settings box and click out to main screen.

3) pull across the little tap at the side of the screen and press the phone icon.

4)At the top right hand side click the little box and scroll down to New message

5) You will see a box containing Message alert type and another box with Message alert tone.

6) Just select a tone or go search for one by selecting sounds.

Hope this helps
Thank you so much for telling,I couldn't change it till now . I'm so happy,10x a lot ^^
Thanx a lot,it works....
thank you for your reply :) bt the problem is I cudnt find any sound settings in my mob
if I go main menu-->setting-->(i jst can see these)phone profiles,Display and light,Time and date,Phone settings,Smart Lock,Application settings,security,Network settings,Memory settings and Reset settings....
theres no sound setting that I cud find in this mobile..
go to settings phone profiles highlight normal select options and edit then right joystick pressss.............

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thanks guys I found it ..
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Jan 12, 2010 at 03:43 AM
Dear Sir,

Your post is quite confusing. If ever you want to have the SMS

tone changed, please get to Settings from the Main Menu and

get to the Sound settings and select message tone available.

You won't be able to get sounds or other files uploaded as SMS

tone. You will only be able to change the sms tones through

the existing ones.

Thanks in advance.
thank you fr your replys guys.... I got it..

and frnds is there a way to update my s5233s??
guys I updated my firmaware for samsung star .how an I get my orignal firmware back plz help
my brother has one more menu in samsung star touch.when we press menu button there is a little arrow at the top right coner of the screen.but its not in my phone plz help
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how can I add new message tone to it...???
Main menu -> Settings -> Phone Profiles .