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I have a 2760 Nokia cell phone and HP dv9500 with Windows Vista and BLUETOOTH. I have transferred my videos to my laptop, but when I view them I don't get the initial sound but it whizzes through with with a fast squeaking sound. Do I have to slow it down in the program settings. Someone said I might have to change from Mono to Digital, but it runs through very fast so think it might be set on high speed.
Would like to solve this so I can watch the video. I don't normally take videos on my cell as I have a movie camera and can take videos on my big camera, but in this case I had forgotten them when I attended my Granddaughters birthday and got this special video of her dancing.
Would appreciate any feedback that would help.


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Hi there,

Install video codec to be able to watch the video and hear the sound,it will not be that clear depending on the mobile phone camera resolution.Use link below to download codec and vlc:

Thank You
I haven't downloaded it as yet, I actually checked on the safety of the download as seen it might contain a virus, but found an area that 3 antivirus programs tested this download and found it to be okay.