Broken 2 GB Memory Stick Duo Pro

Mike - Jan 12, 2010 at 08:53 PM
 waqas - Feb 5, 2012 at 03:57 AM

I have a 2gb Sandisk Memory Stick Duo Pro that has been working fine until recently. I bought a 7" Insignia digital picture frame that reads SD cards but came with a memory stick duo adapter. I plugged the memory stick into the adapter and put it into the frame but it wasnt recognized. Now when i insert the memory stick back into the camera and my computer it isnt recognized. I have tried both my computer one which is running windows xp and the other that is windows 7. When inserted into the windows 7 computer it says i need to format the card but when i try formatting it, i get an error saying "windows cant format the card" or something similar. I can right click the card and go into properties but it is just like a ghost card. it has 0 capacity and nothing on it... I am really stuck i have no idea what to do and am not sure if it is the picture frame that caused the problem. Please help.


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please help! thanks.
2gb card 0bytes show
can anyone help me please?
please help me! thanks.
same problem here with 4 gb sandisk pro duo