I lost my desktop icon

 john vinodh -
i lost my desktop icon, how can i restore?

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ah,let see !!! did u mean u lost My computer , Internet explore ,My Document,My Network place ...icon ??? if yes u can do folow steps:

1.Right click on desktop and chose Properties
2.Window will pop up an Display Propertise window,now u chose Desktop tab .
3.In Desktop tab u chose Customize Desktop button at the bottom.
4.Window will pop up an Desktop Items window.
5.Now you chose General tab(chosed by defaul) .As u can see many check box for desktop icon ,u check all box then click ok for apply .there u go ! good luck .
Thank you

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any solution for window vista?
I solved my Vista problem...just right click on desktop...go to view...Unchecked "Shows Desktop Icons" and check it back....ta da...now all your icons is back...good luck all...
thanks man that worked
work for me too, thanks!
my dear frn ........
first try to restore ur system to an earlier time ..... 2 do that first go to CONTROL PANEL , CLICK ON PERFORMANCE AND MAINTAINANCE there u can find an option " restore ur computer to an earlier time " click that select an appropriate date there n click on restore ...........
the sys starts restoring i cannot b interrupted in the middle it may take around half an hour like that depending on ur sys configuration ........
all da best .