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Tuesday September 16, 2008
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September 17, 2008
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what is vxl.exe ? how can i remove it? how can i fix when i double click on the drives it will opens in a new window
i tried above all procedures

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Hi, this is a virus and you may got it from a flash drive or infected website. Use antivirus to remove and scan all your removable media too. Then find in google an article about "cannot find explorer.exe even though it exists" and update your registry if the desktop fails to load.
i got a different problem but still related to vxl.exe....
i finished cleaning my pc from viruses, trojans, etc... i also did formatting my hard disk the end, when i open the other partition of my hdd, it says that vxl.exe is missing, and it is needed to open the drives.

as a generalization vxl.exe, as for my opinion, is not a virus
VXL.exe is indeed a virus, It appears to have an effective process. Apparently a pwassword logger for online games like World of warcraft. I only figured it out after the virus comprimised my data and my account got hacked... three times so far? From what I see, it embeds itself in your system32 files and is self replicating through download managers and name changing. Try free AVG 8.0 or higher if you want to resolve it quickly.
I used NOD32 and solved it!