Dell inspiron 1525 laptop downgrading - how

XPerienced - Sep 17, 2008 at 05:52 AM
 KOSE - Nov 17, 2012 at 02:10 PM

I want to down grade my Dell inspiron 1525 to windows XP.
They are giving Vista with the brand new note book. How to downgrade it to XP.If possible plz give me the info for the availability of latest drivers too.

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Sep 18, 2008 at 01:26 AM
you can get the drivers from these locations:

Notebook system software :
Chipset drivers :
Media Card :
Intel Graphics :
Lan Network :
Wireless :
Bluetooth :
Camera :
Modem :
Touchpad :
Camera Application :
Audio :
Quickset :

the mousepad driver in xp does not support scrolling, if u want the scrollbars to work then install the vista drivers..
the problem with this is that you will not be able to access the mouse controls from the control panel......
this link is replaced with some bullshit.... so I set the mouse pointer speed, and the mouse pointer before installing the vista drivers. this is important if u plan to use an external usb mouse...... the pointer is shitty slow for a external mouse it u don't do it......
Hi Imran,

I downloaded vista driver for touchpad for my dell Inspiron 1525.
When I tried to install it ,it displayed a message
"This file is part of multi disc,please enter second disc".
when I clicked 'cancel',it displayed an error message saying "One or more files coul'd be unzipped.Error
code 110".
What should I do? I was insatalling vista driver for touchpad on Xp as xp drivers
do not support scrolling.
Please help me.
Thanks in advance.
plz passwords
In the inspiron Bios I had to enable the SATA hard drive feature after that I created a free partion then deactivaded the Vista system drive. Xp loaded to the new partition. I then formated the *(&^%$) out of Vista.
Imroze > kdub
Mar 6, 2009 at 01:51 PM

may I know how to intall windows xp in dell 1525 laptop, as I have used nvidia software to add sata driver in windows operating system but it doesnt worked . there was a error message while installing xp. I think we have to make changes in bios if any one can help me please do that and explain me in step by step process please.................
dipak > Imroze
Jul 12, 2009 at 05:32 AM
Go to the BIOS and then the 'Flash Memory' option should be disabled. And then you disable the SATA option in the Bios.
Finally, save these settings and then proceed to format your hard drive.
Save the following to CD or Flash Drive. R174292 from Dell downloads and Windows SP1, SP3.
Rebooted. Used F2 to get into setup and changed Onboard Devices/SATA Operation from AHC1 to ATA and Onboard Devices/Flash Cache Module to OFF. Saved and exited

Insert XP disk in CD/DVD drive.

Rebooted. Used F12 to change boot device to CD/DVD. XP will load from CD.

Reboot. Run R174292 from your CD or Flash to be able to connect to the internet. Connect to your router.

Run SP1 and SP 3 Windows updates from Flash card.

Go to Dell downloads. Enter Service Tag number from bottom of the laptop. This will give you what downloads you will need. Most laptops have different combinations of components. Mark the ones you want to download. Download them all at once to a separate file folder.

Go to download file folder you set up and rename all the downloaded files to make it easier to install them in the proper order. It is important that the drivers are installed in the proper order. I used file names like D00 Notebook System R161278, D01 Chipset R153997, D03 Media R141246, etc. I had 14 install programs (you could have more or less depending on your laptop's configuration) to run so to keep them straight I found that renaming them really helped out.

Reboot and download and installl CCleaner. Run CCLeaner to clean out dead wood and clean up the registry. Use the wipe option under advanced. It takes a while to run, but it is always good to start out with a clean system.

Reboot and install your regular software.

What was written above by others was very helpful and got me started on this project. They did a heck of a job. You really have to hate Vista to do this.
To be able to install XP on the Inspiron 1525 you need to disable the Cash flash memory in the bios setup & also to change the HDD type from ATHA to ATA .
Buiss Phantom
Oct 21, 2008 at 02:19 AM
There are alternate ways. You can make a XP CD with SATA device driver. U will need a XP cd image and download Intel Matrix Storage manager. You can thus make a new CD. Many applications are available for this. So u can directly use AHCI mode and is preffered. This problem is common for almost all laptop users.
thanks lot yaar

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I cant seem to make my audio work. When I just finish installing XP, device manager shows all unknown devices (ethernet, wireless etc) but there is no unknown audio hardware. When I try installing the Drivers provided here or in I get the "device not supported on this system". Any ideas?

In order to install the drivers correctly,the following
order should be maintained otherwise an audio driver is
not installed by the system.

1/- Intel Mobile Chipset Driver
2/- Ricoh Driver
3/- Audio Driver
4/- Display Driver
5/- Modem Driver
6/- Wireless Driver
7/- Bluetooth Driver
8/- Cd-rom/Dvd Driver
9/- Integrated Webcam Driver
10/- Sata Driver
11/- Ethernet Driver
12/- Dell Tools (optional)

All the above are available at


You all guys are AWESOME!! Thanks to all !!!
Wonderfull Guys... Thanks for lot of informations..