Acer aspire powercord problem

 Sara -
Hello, I have an aspire one d250. the adapter on the power cord lights up when plugged in but then the light fades in 5 secs and no electricity is getting through. cords are hard to find and expensive. is there another possible fix besides replacement?

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Hi there,

Its a problem with your laptop input for the power and it must be fixed by an electronic technician,the adapter is good and has no problems.

Thanks for replying. My initial response is puzzlement. The powercord doesn't need to be connected to the laptop. Plug it in by itself and the light on the adapter does the same fading routine. Doesn't seem to me that would be true if what you say is right.
I have the same problem. I can use my sister's gateway power cord, but not my own. I don't think that there's anything wrong with the computer.