My ipod fell into water

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My Ipod felt into water yesterday night and I want to know weather the ipod can work again.

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my ipod nano fell on the ground and when i picked it up the screen was black and then i put it on hold and then again put it on unhold it started working but it doesnt take in any command when i press any butoon nothing happens
Thank you

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omg it work for me thank who ever you are
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Look I had an ipod nano and it fell into water and i Dried it with a towel put it in the sun for a while and then i thought i'll charge it and i did charge it. After i left for 2hrs and more..

It started to work and yours should work to.
did the water get into ur screen??
Same just happened to me, last night i found my ipod touch soaked in water and i tried to turn it on, it wont turn on and not i dont know wat to do...did u get yours fixed??
let it sit in rice!! dont ask just do it.
put it on the tv. dont ask just do!!
blowdry it!! same. dont ask just do!!
trust me this just happend with my itouch and im still letting it sit out on my tv!!! leave it there for like a day!!! and only blow dry a day after the damage!!
It will work mine got washed out in a washing machine i just leaft it for a day then i plugged it into the computer to charge and it turned on after pressing menu and the center button but the screen went dark but i can still see every thing and the cam still works and so does the speaker if it doesnt work chances are it wont work at all sorry =(
if its a touch take off screen and let sit in rice or pasta
Me too, it fell in a pool with me and i put it in a bag of rice then i plugged it in to a computer and the screen turned white with lines in it but the computer still recognized it. Know what to do.