Problem with installing XP on Acer Aspire

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Hello guys,

I have a Acer Aspire 4720z and it has vista installed in it(Sucks!) and now its giving problems, it continuousy restarts and thats it! ive decided to install XP on it now. But then I get the message in the XP setup that the setup doesnt detect any drimves on the computer so the setup cannot go through. Any one know how I can overcome this thing?

Ive used third part tools to try and format the drive first before trying to install XP but the hard drives are not being shown even on the third party tools.
Help anyone?..:D please.

Thank you,

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try to change your SATA settings from AHCi to IDE.
Thank you

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can my LAPTOP acer aspire 4743G CHANGE TO WINDOWS XP ?? I hate windows 7 64 bit thats why I want to change my os to windows xp
Can't see there's anything stopping so long as you have a copy of 64bit windows xp, and a legal license key. Obviously as it is a 'down grade' the install will have no options besides to run a 'new install' and thus it goes without saying you need to back up important files as everything on the hard drive will be replaced!

Be warned though, as much as many people still around the world rely on XP, the sad truth is it's a dieing OS with MS pulling support soon e.t.c. Just saying...
Thank you Thank you Thank you............changed the SATA to IDE and to install Windows XP Pro on this Acer laptop.
omg saved me from hours of searching !!!! thaaaaaank you !!!! I wanna kiss you !!!!
Thanks buddy, ur post saved my life
i have installe windows xp pro on my acer 5920g it wasnt to bad but I do have a problen finding the correct drivers for my network card ???
click this link end vind the drivers
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when I go to that site it only offers drivers for my x1301 for windows 7 but I need for xp. help please i'm so stuck!! thank you in advance for your help
i need drivers of aspire 5732z for win XP prof, i'm no driver intalation in my notebook acer aspire 5732Z.
Help my please......................
Jacques....... ( Brasil )
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Hi, I got the same problem but I have a Gateway M465-E. The problem is that its have a Phoenix BIOS integrated so it doesn't have SATA Settings of something. So I can't reinstall windows XP.
Do you have a Windows Xp CD with the SATA drivers?
if you don't then that may be causing the problem. All you need to do is get the SATA drivers for your PC and integrate them into the windows xp cd. I think you can do this with a program called N-lite. all you need is windows xp installation cd and the SATA drivers.

try this SATA drivers:
they worked for me.
sata driver acer 4620Z teşekürler

i have an acer aspire would get all the way to the "Starting windows setup" and then would go to 0x0000007b error. changing SATA modes like suggested worked perfectly. thanks much!
hi sar,

would you be kind enough to teach me how to integrate the sata driver to my xp installer.
thanks, any help would be appreciated...
Thanx!! I was trying to install XP on One D250 with Win 7 and everytime came the blue screen... With changing AHCi to IDE the problem was solved.
just solution : after set bios from ahci to ide and must install SP 3..
from me (Flaneter's)..bye...muach...tha2
> flaneter
Wath about modem? can figure that out?for acer aspire 7515z can figure out wich driver is... cant find it on internet....:(
> Nekonstantni
I put the cd in try to boot from it but Windows 7 just start up it does not read the cd or anything and iv switch to IDE

I took vista off and installed win 7 now trying to get that off as it wil expire and install Winxp
One more thanks to add changing settings from AHCi to IDE wors fine for Acer Aspire 5732z.

I read your post at about instaling XP system at aspire laptop, You wrote that you have aspire 5732Z model of aspire.

I have question do you still use xp system, and if yes, whom where you got drivers for all parts of computer, sound, chipset, camera, lan, wifi etc.

i will be very pleased if you reanwser to me. wright know I am confused because nowhere I can find drivers, and at acer main site is writing that for model acer aspire 5732z there is no drivers for xp system but only for vista and 7 windows.

Best regards

how can I unblock my computer is a acer aspirre one...harddisk security block
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we should use two type /diffrent type of driver for vista and xp.u can down load from internet serch. if u compuret ram is 4gb it can not supported xp on it . (sp-3 sutiable it .if we not able to instal xp and get blu screen and ram /hdd problem while instaling. ) second methode- take out hdd and instal xp from another computer and after put it on laptop] it can help u.
I have problem, instalation was canceled. system32\hal.dll is not found. I have a solution on this problem. USB MULTIBOOT TOOL. Here is video_manual, how to do it.
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window 7 is good, no driver needfo this
Your my hero.
i want to go from windows 7 to windows xp free how can I do that
Thanks alot for your comments guys, I'm able to install xp on my aspire D250 by your help and get rid of the blue screen with 7b error.

Here is my path:

I tried to change sata setting from bios ahci to ide but it didn't wook for me. I returned back the configuration to the original so no changes made on bios.

I merged sp3 and AHCI driver for XP(downloaded from the official site of acer) to my winxp cd using n-lite. Then everything goes well....
Gob bless you my friend I was ready to suicide my self..thank you
Man! You are a genius! Thanks so much!
u do not install direct xp on your system beacause your system have sata hard disk so u use sata xp cd after your problem solve if u dont have sata xp cd u go the setup mode on your system and change the drive for sata to ata or compatible any problem say me on my id (
hello sasika may be u use for xp cd old one and don't use u for sata cd for xp if u use sata cd foy xp windows ur hard drive shown and u install windows xp
and if u don't have sata cd u go for the satup for ur system and change the hard drive made for ata so sata if sata so ata and after u save ur satting and restarts system and install windows