OS corrupt?

 mawz -
Hello, i am having a problem with my system which i am not able to boot. this happened after i didnt shut down my PC properly, i pull the plug while its its not completely shut off. when i go to my CMOS settings the computer cant detect my HDD. i took the HDD and slave it in my other computer there's no problem i can still access the drive.

please help me solve my problem thanks.

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Hi there,

Reset the bios setting,remove the small cell and reinsert it after about 10 minutes and then power on.enter bios setting and load default setting.

thanks for helping me out sir... i have another problem, my screen black's out 5 mins after i switch on my Pc. it suddenly blacks out after the windows logo loading shows but there's still power on my CPU and monitor. when i tried to boot on my cd drive to reformat my PC the same problem occurred, the screen black's out after i press any key when the computer prompts me to "press any key to boot to CD"..