Memory card reading problem

 johnmississauga -
Hello, i have a micro sd memory card (1gig) and my samsung phone does not recognize it anymore as it did before when i took photos and pictures. i am in dire need to retrieve my information from the memory card and even my computer usb memory card reader does not read my faulty memory card. i even downloaded software to retrieve information from faulty memory card but this cannot work because the computer needs to recognize the presence of the memory card as an external drive - i think. please give a word or two anyone who might be able to direct me to a solution to retrieving information from a card that might be faulty.
thank you very much in advance

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Hi there,

The memory card is corrupted and you probably to purchase a new one since not detected in phone and computer.


thanks and i am not against using another card, i am trying to access the information on my card or go to someone of some store that can do that for me. i am hoping to find out who can recover that information for me,.