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i have p-4 desktop pc, from many days started a problem with it ,
system automatically starts and shutdown ,sometimes before to enter in windows and sometimes after login , no matters and even shut down without any command too. so what problem can be and how to resolve it plz let me know . may be smps problem or bios or ? thank you

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well this is a very common problem . its mostly happening due to overheating problem(as its an old p4 i believe).
tho there can be smps prob too. u will know by checking pc health option in bios for voltage. if its in red then its smps problem if not then chk temp

for solving this auto reboot/shutdown problem check this site with step by step tuturial

if problem still persists then leave a comment in the blog. we will help.

Hi there,

Is the system hot when its been turned off?Clean your cpu inside and add more cooler fan if needed as normally overheating causes this issue or a hardware consuming more power results to it and you may be required to change the power supply to another with a higher rate.