Typing slowes down after about 12 pages

Stumped and slow - Jan 30, 2010 at 07:18 PM
 beefcake - Jan 30, 2010 at 08:12 PM
Hello, I am using microsoft word processor. Toshiba, Model- satelite M55-S3315. I am writing a book and when I get upto aprox 12 pages when I type, the print it shows up on the page about 5-10 seconds after I have typed the last word. I am stumped, Is it because there is not enough memory or what?. I am not really very knowledgeable as far as computers go but I get along okay until something like this happens. Should I get an external hard drive so I can continue writing without stopping and printing what I have and then continuing. If so what hard drive do you suggest. Thanks a Bunch for your time. -----Stumped-----

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it could be the memory or it depends on how often you defrag your hard drive as if you dont do this once a month it looses track of what you have and what you havent it also could be that the harddrive in the computer could be dodgy so you might need a new harddrive. are you regular at saving your work you could try that as well it also could be the drive is quite full but i think the best bet would be to take it to a computer shop with 12 pages of type on it and then to show them
im sorry i dont know. other than them suggestions