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Tux Typing is a free program specifically designed to improve your typing skills. It was made for young children but can also be used by adults. Learning is done through lots of little games starring Tux, the mascot of Linux. Several levels are available for the learner to choose from.

What is Tux Typing?

Tux Typing is a free and educational computer program designed to help children improve their typing skills while having fun. The software features a friendly and popular character named Tux, who is the official mascot of the Linux operating system.

In Tux Typing, various typing games and exercises are presented in an engaging and interactive manner, making the learning process enjoyable for kids. The games often involve typing letters, words, or sentences, and as the child progresses, the difficulty level can be adjusted to suit their proficiency.

Tux Typing is widely used in schools and homes as a tool to introduce touch typing to young learners, fostering better keyboarding skills and speed. The incorporation of Tux as the animated penguin character adds a playful element to the learning experience, making it more appealing and motivating for children to practice and improve their typing abilities.

What are the key features of Tux Typing?

  • Typing lessons: Tux Typing offers a comprehensive set of typing lessons that gradually introduce new keys and finger positions. The lessons are well-structured and provide clear instructions on proper hand placement and technique. You will find these lessons extremely helpful in building your typing skills from the ground up.

  • Variety of exercises: Tux Typing provides different exercises and games, keeping the learning experience fresh and exciting. Whether it's typing words, letters, or sentences, each exercise presents a different challenge. The variety of exercises ensures that you stay engaged and motivated to keep practicing.

  • Difficulty levels: The program allows you to choose from different difficulty levels. This option ensures that you can start at a level that matches your current skill and gradually progress to more challenging exercises.

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  • Localization: Tux Typing supports a wide range of languages, including Armenian, Bokmal, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Euskera, French, Spanish, Greek, Jamaican, Lithuanian, Nepalese, Russian, Swedish, Swahili, and more. This diverse language support ensures that users from various linguistic backgrounds can effectively improve their typing skills with Tux Typing.

  • Open source: This is a popular software created by a community of developers who constantly update it, and it is available for Windows and macOS in recent and previous versions.

Game modes

  • Lessons and Phrase Typing: In those two modes, you will be taught techniques to position your fingers, gradually introduce new keys, and improve your typing speed. You will then be able to practically use your knowledge through exercises where you type complete phrases and sentences.
  • Fish Cascade: You take control of Tux, the penguin character, as he searches for fish to eat. Fish with letters on them fall from the top of the screen. However, Tux must avoid eating these fish as they can make him sick. Your task is to type the corresponding letters on the fish, causing them to disappear so Tux can safely devour the fish without stomach troubles.
  • Comet Zap: You again control Tux as he defends cities from incoming comets. To protect a city, you need to type the letter displayed on a comet, triggering Tux to destroy it using a laser. This game mode is actually based on the math drill game called "Tux, of Math Command," but it has been adapted to focus on typing skills rather than mathematics.

How to play Tux Typing?

  1. Upon opening Tux Typing, the initial window, referred to as the "Tux Typing main page," will be displayed, presenting options to practice typing through games and lessons.
  2. By choosing the "Lessons" option, the "Lessons in Tux Typing" window will appear, providing access to 43 fundamental lessons. Engage in each lesson to hone your typing skills.
  3. When selecting a specific lesson, Tux Typing will prompt you to press the Space bar followed by the "p" key. It is essential to ensure that the Caps Lock key is off (to avoid typing in CAPITAL Letters) as Tux Typing may not function correctly with this key activated.
  4. After practicing these lessons, you will notice significant improvements in your typing speed. The proficiency gained enables you to use all your fingers for typing, eliminating the need to look at the keyboard while typing. This, in turn, allows you to focus on the monitor, making it easier to identify any typing mistakes.

What are lessons in Tux Typing?

In Tux Typing, the lessons refer to a series of interactive typing exercises designed to help users improve their touch typing skills. These lessons are structured in a progressive manner, starting from basic typing exercises and gradually advancing to more challenging tasks. The goal of the lessons is to familiarize users with the keyboard layout, enhance typing speed, and promote accuracy.

What is Comet Zap in Tux Typing?

In Tux Typing, Comet Zap are menacing comets that descend from space, posing a threat to the city under Tux's guardianship. By pressing the letters on these comets, players instruct Tux to unleash his laser beam and obliterate the indicated target, safeguarding the city from destruction.

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