Tux Typing free for PC

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  • Developer Tux4Kids
  • Version 1.8.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Tux Typing is a free program specifically designed to improve your typing skills. It was made for the young children but can also be used by adults. Learning is done through lots of little games starring Tux the mascot of Linux. Several levels are available for the learner to choose one from.


  • Learning, the game starts from the simplest steps to teach the basic position and use of letters by letting the children learn the positions of the keyboard one by one. As the game develops, the game puts together words and how they should be typed.
  • Levels, the software's only two levels teach the necessary basics in a simple modality; the first level teaches the position of each key, and the second mode teaches word placements and how to properly write them on the keyboard while improving speed typing skills.
  • System preferences, a popular software created by a community of developers, the game keeps updating and is available for Windows and Mac OS in recent and previous versions.
  • Tux is a friendly penguin helping children learn and improve their typing skills. It is an effective and interactive software popular amongst children and adults due to its efficacy.

Game modes

It offers two game modes, one allowing you to play against Tux, by stealing away the fish while typing the write letter or, as Tux himself, defending earth with a laser by typing the corresponding words. It has a third modality that allows you to freely practice both games.

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