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IObit Uninstaller is a reliable and versatile utility for uninstalling unwanted applications, stubborn software, and plugins from your Windows computer. It is lightweight, simple to handle, and will clean and boost your computer performance.

What are the key features of IObit Uninstaller?

  • Interface: IObit Uninstaller is very clean and intuitive. No need for tutorials, launch it, and you will understand how to perform scans or manually remove all the software you need.
  • Better performances: The primary goal of IObit Uninstaller is to make sure unwanted programs do not slow your computer down. After scanning your computer, it will detect all those programs and the associated files altogether and remove them to free up memory.
  • Safe browsing: It can remove browser add-ons and toolbars to protect your privacy. In addition, with its vast database, it can identify more malicious add-ons, unwanted extensions, and toolbars in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). The innovative Notification Blocker can also help you disable annoying push notifications.
  • Easy Android apps: Even if running Android apps on your Windows PC is available on Windows 11, the installation process can be complicated. IObit Uninstaller simplifies the installation and can provide better support for app uninstallation.
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  • Windows applications: These default apps are no problem for IObit Uninstaller, making it possible to delete them permanently.
  • In-installation abilities: It allows you to address and manage harmful hiccups effectively from the program's startup window.
  • Stubborn software removal: IObit Uninstaller can now uninstall over 2000 stubborn software that refused to be found or removed before, like IntelliJ IDEA, MPC-HC, or Rockstar Games, for example.
  • Secure File Shredder: You can safely and permanently remove all the unwanted files on your PC beyond recovery.
  • Better install monitoring: IObit Uninstaller can record more installation processes like DDL File and Scheduled Plan to act more precisely in the future.
  • Additional tools: IObit Uninstaller provides access to other useful add-on programs, such as iTop VPN Free to protect and speed up your internet connection.
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How does IObit Uninstaller work?

IObit Uninstaller thoroughly scans programs and local files on your system to completely secure the uninstallation process.

  1. If you want to make a first scan and remove apps and add-ons on your computer, go to the Software Health section and click on the Scan Now green button in the upper right corner. It will carefully review the state of your computer and recommend specific cleaning and uninstallation actions, some of which may only be available in the PRO version.
  2. If you want to remove the programs manually, go to the Programs section on the left panel, click on All Programs, select all the programs you wish to uninstall, and finally, click on Uninstall in the upper right corner. You can also create a restore point before uninstalling them.

Is it free?

IObit Uninstaller offers a free basic version, with the features described above, and a paid version: IObit Uninstaller PRO. The latter offers more benefits, especially when it comes to deep cleaning your hard drive. You can check the free and paid versions differences for more information.

Is it safe?

Yes, IObit Uninstaller is a safe program that helps you to improve the safety of your PC. It is one of the best uninstaller programs on the market.

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