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  • Developer KIDware
  • Version 2.0
  • License Freeware
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Kid's Typing Skills is a reliable and performant solution if you want to teach people how to type on keyboards efficiently. Versatile and easy to use, you will make lots of progress pretty quickly.

What is Kid's Typing Skills?

Kid's Typing Skills is a piece of software designed to teach children and people how to use keyboards and type words correctly as fast as possible. Thanks to the different categories of exercises, you will learn all the skills step-by-step and make lots of progress in a short amount of time.

Note that this product is discontinued, and the publisher is no longer active. Thus, the software may no longer work on your computer or run with recurring error messages.

What are the key features of Kid's Typing Skills?

  • Interface: All the menus and the interfaces are simple and designed to be understood by children and adults. The graphics are basic but they do the job. You can switch to the different practice modes in a few clicks, and the text section will guide you.
  • Practice: You can practice the way you want, thanks to the multiple available mods corresponding to the different parts of the keyboard, including the home row, the top row, the bottom row, or the number row. It also lets you decide whether to use Shift and play the sound of keys. You will learn how to type and understand the order of the letters as the relevant ones are highlighted.
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  • Character Drill: Once the keyboard practice is complete, you can learn the location of the letters on the keyboard and which finger to use for each one. During those exercises, it will highlight each letter, and the correct finger to use will be displayed on the screen.
  • Word Drill: You will be taught how to place your hands and fingers when writing words and improve your typing rate, exercise after exercise. As a bonus, you will even learn new words as the program displays words' definitions.
  • Timer Drill: This mode will test and sharpen your skills with a mix of word, character, and keyboard challenges in time-limited situations.
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How to use Kid's Typing Skills?

  • Once installed, you can directly choose one of the modes available in the main menu, including Learn Keyboard, Keyboard Practice, Character Drill, Word Drill, or Timed Drills.
  • Take your time to discover everything it offers, and don't hesitate to increase the difficulty progressively. The Practice and Character Drill are keys before starting the Word Drill.

Is it free?

Kid's Typing Skills is free to use.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. So far, no malware has been detected.