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 stephen -
hi i really need advice my compaq presario running windows vista basic 32 bit pc went black screen when the compaq screen pops up its says f10 setup or f11 system recover i press f 11 constantly nothing when i press f10 it says entering setup it goes to a screen that says phoenix-awardBIOS CMOS SETUP UTILITY ANYBODY CAN SOLVE I WILL GLADLY REWARD WITH A PAYMENT HELP SOS THANKS

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start the computer and press f8, and try last known good configuration, if that fails try your system disk and selct the repair option.
hey i appreciate your feedback i pressed f8 but noting happens i did not make a recovery disc so i had 2 order one but another thing i noticed under the bios is that its not showing my hard drive is connected and i already checked the cables? any suggestions?? thanks

Hi there,

As you mentioned you need to press F11 to recover it factory settings,that also if your recovery partition is still on the hard drive,else boot from your recovery cd in numerical sequence.Note all personal data will be deleted during the process.