Windows 7 startup problems

cc - Feb 10, 2010 at 05:30 PM
 $%^&*( - Jun 30, 2010 at 02:51 AM
I am having trouble with my windows 7. Recently I had windows vista and then last week i was receiving errors and finally even my laptop wouldn't startup without a "logon error"
So my friend decided just to reformat my laptop but also change my OS to windows 7.
He gave me Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit.

I love windows 7 so far but I am having problems with the start up.
Sometimes when I turn the laptop on, it loads the windows 7 flag but afterwords it would go blank/black and the sound/music that tells you "password page!" to logon plays but no logon page appears.
Other times I can logon and then when I load the deskptop the touchpad and keyboard functions do not work.
I would have to press the power button down and leave it to restart.

I do not understand why.
Please help me! ):
Thank you in advance.


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Is it blank after boot that says starting windows and it only play the startup sound ?If so wait for it to play the startup sound and press the powerbutton once. And there will be no light at the powerbutton than turn it on again. It will show the logon screen and click your username and type your password. mine is an acer 3620 running on Window 7 ultimate. It works for me. but it is irritating. I want the full answer without pressing anything.