Bluetooth software for dell inspiron 1525 [Solved/Closed]

 santosh -
im having dell inspiron 1525 laptop, with os vista home premium , I couldnt use my bluetooth connectivity, I tried reinstalling with the driver cd, but of no use. I need the official address to down load the software,, is ther any other way to restore it? expecting ur help.

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If you know you have a Bluetooth card already in you computer (i have a dell inspiron 1721 and I can see this by lifting up the panel in front of your keyboard and its there, a small card in the right corner)
but you can't turn on your bluetooth on your computer, it doesn't show up anywhere like in control panel or in the bar at the bottom of your screen, or your bluetooth light is not on, and no hot key is working to turn it on, the slide button on the side/front of your computer isn't turning it on, don't worry!
I had this problem (only my wireless worked, but not BT) , my bluetooth totally dissapeared after formatting and reinstalling my vista.
The link below has a software you need to download and install and this will turn your bluetooth on back for you, it finds it, brings it back and takes care of everything.
Here is the link:

if it doesn't help go to Dells support website and in the search bar just type in "BTW Radio ON"
Thats how I found it.
is Dells support website.

Hope this works.
If you still need drivers go to Dells support website, and put your computer details there and it will tell you what drivers you need.
Thank you

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Thanks thanks worked for me...hope it does for u guys too

thanx worked wonders
Thank you!! works like a charm
Crossing fingers and hope this works
thank u so much...
i want bluetooth software for dell inspiron 1525.

Hello, bluetooth device not working in my dell inspiron 1525 laptop. while installing bluetooth drivers for windows vista it is asking me to press fn+f2 key to enable bluetooth but after using fn+f2 key also it is not working. can anybody please help...
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hey there,

here is a link where you can get all the drivers you are in search of :
> allex
first you need to turn the blue tooth on.
on the right hand side see the front corner axactly along with DVD drive. slide the bar/ button it will be turn on and light will start to blink. then go to control panel and open blue tooth devices then go to option tab and check mark the last 3 options. then go to devices and press add button then follow the instructions.

i hope it will work.
> m1says
thnak u .. u just save my life ..
that was very helpful .. :**
> m1says
I did exactly as u instructed but my problem is that I don't see my bluetooth icon in the control panel neither do I see it anywhere on my computer. The botton u're talking about near the DVD rom is for the wifi wireless and each time I try pulling it back and forth, it keep turning my laptop wireless on and off. my laptop is dell inspiron 1525 vista.... Please help me cuz I really need ur help to have my bluetooth working.
hi,i was having a problem with my blutooth,i can find it.before I always
using it,but now suddenly gone.
check out the dell website for support , they have Bluetooth drivers for windows xp and vista
Hi buddies,

It look hard to do but it isn't. If you do what I say you'll solve your problems with bluetooth at Inspiron 1525 runing Windows Vista easily.

a. Download the driver at
- 1. Go to
- 2. Click on the link "Drivers & Downloads" in the end of the site.
- 3. Select your model ("Laptops", "Inspiron Laptop", "1525") and confirm it.
- 4. Click on Network.
- 5. Download the "Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR)"
- 6. Save the file "R140135.exe".

b. Install the driver:
- 1. Execute the file "R140135.exe".
- 2. Open the folder "C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216".
- 3. Execute the file "Setup.exe".
- 4. When the driver ask you to active your Bluetooth antena, click in "Cancel.
- 5. Open the folder "C:\dell\drivers\R140135\3100_216\Win32"
- 6. Execute the file "Inst.exe".
- 7. Click in "Next" button to begin the installation.

Note: When the software ask you to active the Bluetooth DO NOT CANCEL.

- 8. Open the folder "C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software"
- 9. Execute the file "BTTray.exe". The icon will appear in the system tray (next the clock).
- 10. Click with the right button in Bluetooth icon and turn it on.
- 11. The installation will continue automatically.
- 12. Click in "OK" button to finish

That is how I solve my problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525 runing Windows 7. It's working perfectly.

I hope it help you guys.
I have XPS M1530. And have similar problem.

- 8. Open the folder "C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software"
- 9. Execute the file "BTTray.exe". The icon will appear in the system tray (next the clock).
After these steps mentioned by you. I don't find any icon in my system tray.

Please help.

slt l ami pr mw j essai tes instructions mais a la fin j trouver pas le icon ce ki veu dire que le BTTray.exe n executer pas j ai besoin de ton aide

me too same, I could not find bluetooth on system tray after executing the file BTTray.exe. Mine Windows vista. what to do? please help.
thanks teddy
thanks, it works for me!
Will this solve adapter problem?
worked for me too, upgraded form vista 32 to windows 7 32 and lost my bluetooth. this worked perfectly, I've finallyfound my phone!!
thanks a lot!,it work in my laptop
this is happened with me tooo.did bluetooth play with u or enbaled until now.
> akash
i can not installe the bluetooth software in the CD for Windows Xp.
> Ferotan
hai dellservice centre I have purchased the laptop inspiron (1525).but in it's driver cd which are being provide by the company bluetooth driver is absent.
I have windows Xp,I need to Access wireless net.I have no wireless and bluetooth card please halp me.
dear friends
i have also same problem my bluetooth was not working I uninstalled it when try to install new downloaded software from dell website for inspiron 1525 it said derive is install for window vista only though I have window vista so then I downloaded bluetooth software for inspiron 1545 and installed it installed successfully but bluetooth transfer wizard not showing my device but it search content of my mobile then I unistalled microsoft update Microsoft service pack 2 and after completion my device is working well in service pack 1 but after that I also reinstalled Microsoft service pack 2 and its great it is working since than without any error.

max iam mai .
i have suffer like u about buletooth and I don't why it doesnot work on vista or xp .if u know any ting or u fix this problem plz tell me .any one of us knows anything tell the other ...ok .but notice I have seen aboy have alap like us and the bluetooth in this computer was work but I forget ask him what software did he install or he change the software was came with the com. (vista ) or not.thanks alot
> shani
Your will never get your problome soleved. Because is not happend only for you but for many peoples also. But honestely I have solution just take screwdriver and open the notebook and remove the device the bull shit. I am trying from many days to get solved, but I couldnt do it even I had the driver cd whch provided my the manufacturer itself.
please give me the bluetooth driver for dell1525inspiration notebook
i give blutooth driver
> sheelu
give bluetooth driver dell 1525
I am having problem with my Dell Inspiron-1525 Laptop,that is I cant able to activate bluetooth so please help me.
thanks a lot!!

could you forward me the bluetooth software and if you have wifi software and drivers also for the sam laptop
inspiron 1525

thanks in advance
Arun Kapale
hi, I have a loptop dell inspiron 1545, I cannot download bluetooth to my system tray. pls. help me for this . thanks
im having dell inspiron 1525 laptop, with os vista home premium , I couldnt use my bluetooth connectivity, I tried reinstalling with the driver cd, but of no use.plz help me with this
if you want the bluetooth driver go to

this is the bluetooth driver for inspiron 1525...
pre download and follow the instructions
i have dell laptop 1525 for vista bluetooth donot work please help me
thank you too much.
I've a dell 1525 laptop with windows vista home basic ...problem is that the blue tooth is not working even after installing the blue tooth driver from the driver cd given instead it ends up popping up "blue tooth device is not found"...
hi friends,
this seems that blutooth prblem exist with everyone. . I think that it is a defective piece which were made together and came to market. I too have the same problem . Lastly I bought a dongle for blutooth. hope we will fiind more by searching in net..... best of luck bro....
my new inspiron bought 4 months back now formatted and reinstalled windows vista. I downloaded the driver from dell website but while instaling i'm getting error saying "Insatller would be run on windows vista only". mine is windows vista 32 bit only. what woul dbe the problem..? anyguys have any idea..plse share with me..
hi all

can anyone help me with this I got a virus on my laptop 1525 I had to fomat it but I cant use the intel cam anymore cause I dont have its software and I dont know from where to download
i want a direct link please cause I seriously tried everything
hi doin isome one bring for me this laptop dell inspiron but I did not find the bluetooth

just Enable the Bluetooth Radio .. using this Utility

and download driver from here and install it


for more information mail me
pr mw sa n marche pas j ai essai k dois j faire
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just install the other driver found in the drive c: after extracting the driver... c:\dell\drivers\r140135\3100_216\win32\inst.exe, then just follow instruction to complete installation... but the radio signal must be on or the wifi catcher to enable bluetooth... let me know if you do it successfully, thank you, jeffhoy...
this didnt wrk for me it asks for me to push fn and f2 but dont do anything please HELP
hey it worked! thanks!
i ned blue tooth software for d600
really thnx dude..its really working , my friend to got the same problem because of u he to can solved his problem really thanx once again
thnx dude its really working, my friend vinay too got solved his problem.... thnx a lot

I bet that you formatted the computer with your bluetooth adapter turned on :P. You have to use your CD with drivers from Dell and unzip the bluetooth driver to C:\dell\drivers\R140135. After that close the Fn + F2 thing and go to that directory. You will have 2 folders Win32 & Win 64..depending on the vista version you have installed use the folder coresponding to your OS. Launch "Inst.exe" and wait until another Fn+F2 prompt will apear. Close this prompt and the install will finish. Restart your computer and after Vista boots up you will see in the tray the bluetooh icon. Right Click to turn the adapter on and the drivers will be reinstalled. Let me know if this worked for you. :P

Thanx alot!!!! ur suggestion was very helpful, it saved me alot of stress. I went thru the steps and I got my bluetooth device back to life..

Out of all the talk on this board, this advice, looking somewhere I would have never figured out on my own, finally fixed the problem.

mein hoo na!!, thanks for taking the time to help the rest of us out.
hey thanks for the trick ! but I still have a problem, that is when I restart windows (i have windows 7) I can't find the bluetooth icon in the tray =( any help ?? thank you
it helped me!!!!
That u so much mein hoo na!!!
works like a charm.

Suptime, I too have Win7. I did what mein hoo na said up to the restart part. I just let if finish the install and wallah.. it was right there in the tray. I turned it on and it installed all the rest of the stuff. No restart required for me.
i tried all the tricks on this page and it still didn't work ... u think that when this happends to all inspiron 1525 that dell or Microsoft would do something...
why cant I install bluetooth device on my computer..............

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